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5 Great Email Marketing Companies to Consider

Email is a modern staple for managing both personal and business-related information, all-but replacing the mailbox and the telephone. It only makes sense that businesses now promote their products and services through email marketing campaigns and email marketing companies are now flooding the market, offering a variety of programs and services to suit a variety of marketing needs. Here is an overview of five of the highest-ranked email marketing companies in the industry:


The user-friendly dashboard style homepage of Campaigner makes it a great program for those with little experience creating email marketing campaigns. Campaigner provides over four-hundred and fifty professionally-designed templates and generates reports on several different aspects of an email campaign so that you can monitor results and compare between two campaigns.

Campaigner also allows you to edit images directly in the program instead of having to use different software to crop, rotate or resize graphics you want to use in your campaign. This is a feature you won’t be able to find in most other email marketing system programs.


This email marketing company separates itself from the pack in that it steers clear of the bulk email sect and focuses solely on business-to-business (B2B) marketing. One benefit of using this type of service for your B2B email marketing campaigns is the specific focus on opt-in and subscription contacts, meaning less of your emails will be trashed, spammed or returned.


Touted as the best in the business, iContact guides you through a simple, three-step email campaign creation process. One highlight of the iContact program is its survey feature, which allows you to create and send customer surveys, encouraging communication between you and your customer. iContact even manages survey results so you can adjust your business marketing according to customer feedback.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is one of the most favorably priced email marketing systems on the market, providing a well-rounded suite of email marketing features and all within a user-friendly interface. Customizable templates and highly proficient email management make Benchmark Email one of the best in the business.

Constant Contact

This email marketing service provides a wizard feature to guide you through the process of producing professional, high-quality marketing campaigns, making it easy for almost anyone to have a mass email up and running in a short period of time. Dynamic reports offered by Constant Contact allow you to monitor the effectiveness of past campaigns, too, so you can make adjustments as needed.

If you are considering an email marketing campaign of your own, make a list of features that are important to you and choose your email marketing company accordingly. Do you need fancy templates? Easy importing? A user-friendly program interface? Variant reporting options? Detailed contact management?

These are all things you need to have in mind when deciding on a company to manage or service your email marketing. Because these companies are relatively inexpensive, you may have to budget your time more than your money when contemplating your next email marketing campaign.

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