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6 Unique Link Building Ideas

As we all knows that Link building is one of the best SEO solutions which help in providing high search engine page ranking and improved visibility to a website. Have a look to the best 6 Unique Link Building Ideas;

1. Contests or Giveaways

Everyone loves the chance of winning something – that is why contests are effective. By simply having a contest to send in the best videos and pictures, not only will you create traffic, but also cause a number of sites to link to you. Why not have a giveaway, whereby every day the fifth person on the site wins a prize – this will cause people to come back again and again, and who wouldn’t want to spread the news of this…more links for you.

2. Linking to a Organisation

Working with a charity or an organization of that nature can be a very beneficial situation. Organizations such as charities are normally well established, and have a lot of authority and credibility, thus getting a link from them would be a huge bonus.

You could offer your service in return for a link back to your site – it doesn’t matter what the service is as long as the charity thinks it’s worth their while. It could be a percentage of all the sales of an item or IT services for free – it is all about making the partnership seem worthwhile. Imagine getting a link from the Red Cross ( with a PR of 9 that would do your site no harm at all.

3. Creating Encyclopedic Content

What I mean by this is that, despite Wikipedia‘s known factor of un-trustworthiness, people still go there for their information, and more importantly people link to them. So what I am suggesting here is to create a list or article of some sort that has an Encyclopedic nature – this will have people coming back for the information they need on a regular basis.

Whether it is on the 10 best cars Toyota has ever made, or just the History of Toyota, there are many options that can be done – all you need to do is be creative.

4. Create a Controversial Topic

Constructing an article with good content is fine if you want a link or two, but what you really need to do is create an article that will stir things up. Make sure that you work of facts, but choose and angle that will ruffle as many feathers as possible.

Creating an article that Osama Bin Laden is still alive, with facts, would draw so much hate and attention your way it would be scary – but you would get a hell of a lot of links. Controversial topics get people talking, why do you think religion and politics cause such a big stir at dinner parties.

5. Construct a tool

Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking – this is easier said than done, and the work behind it could cost a lot of money, not to mention man power and time. But the rewards far outweigh the costs; more to the point here, you could create a tool that is controversial but interesting.

6. Perform Experiments

This may take time, but you will be rewarded if you do a lot of research and experiments to prove a certain fact wrong or right. You could choose a controversial topic, but here you generally want to produce legitimate findings. If it is a known fact that links are the best way to get rankings, you could research this.

An example here is when two pages were created on a site, which were exactly the same (same tags, same meta etc), but one had a twitter account where keywords were tweeted, and the other one ranked better, this could prove that tweets are taken into account in the ranking algorithm. Of course people link to these findings and not only did it get links, a new tool had also been created.

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