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The Essence of Keyword Selection towards a Successful Search Engine Optimization

Proper use of keywords is a must to have a more profitable online business. Think of keywords as the search terms that are being used by your prospective customers to find relevant topics on the internet.

Once the Search button is pressed, the search engine will display a list of web sites that are found to be relevant based on the user’s search word or set of words. Search engines determine this by analyzing how frequent the relevant keywords are used on a certain web site. Thus, it would be best to focus on keyword selection, which also happens to be the main core of search engine optimization or SEO.

Choose Only Relevant Keywords to your Business

There can be a lot of keywords that you can use to optimize your web site. But the big question is – “Are these keywords relevant?” For a search engine optimization campaign to become successful, it is a must to consider using keywords that you think your potential customers may be typing on the search engine’s search bar.

In addition, it would be a smart plan to use keywords that have low keyword competition. This would be easier for your web site to be on top of the pack.

Google Wonder Wheel – Keyword Selection Made Easy

To aid in choosing relevant keywords that you should optimize on your web site, Google, being the widely used search engine, has come up with its own keyword exploration tool called Wonder Wheel.

With this tool, all you need to do is to type a keyword or set of keywords on the search field and a graphical interface of related keywords will be generated. Using this tool can definitely narrow down your choices for keywords that you will be using on your web site’s content, with the hope of getting better slot on search engine results after applying search engine optimization techniques.

How to Use the Google Wonder Wheel?

With the Google Wonder Wheel, keyword selection and research has never been this easy. To access this tool, all you need to is to perform a search using Google. On the generated results page, the link to Wonder Wheel is located at the left side. If it does not display as an option on the left pane, all you have to do is to click on the More Search Tools link.

Clicking on the link will turn the regular search page into wheel-type diagram, containing links related to your initial search. Clicking a link on the wheel will also display another wheel with a different set of keywords, and will continue on until you get to find the keyword or keywords that you think can be used on your web site. You will definitely get to see a lot of relevant keywords with the use of the Wonder Wheel.

Indeed, search engine optimization relies heavily on keywords, therefore appropriate keyword research and keyword placement should be observed at all times. Before you know it, you are already on top of search results, which only mean more income for your business.

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