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Digital frames: Try the Nix fix

Have you ever seen how little changes can bring a dramatic change in your living room? Have you ever noticed how huge change a tiny thing can make? If you have, then you would absolutely know what I am talking about and if you have not yet then try once and see the difference yourself. A Nix digital frame can be that little thing that would do the trick for you.

Digital frames are usually looks exactly the same as the regular frames but much more functional themselves. They are the frames that store or use an additional storage such as memory cards, USB cables or Bluetooth to store and play images in slideshow format. They are also used as the portable and compact media player since many of them do have the audio and video playing functionality. These frames are also popular as the photo sharing devices of the non-computing folks.

Nix-digital is a UK based digital frame manufacturing company that has been reigning supremely in the kingdom of digital frames since the year of 2007. It is owned and introduced by Creedon Technologies. From the very beginning nix has prioritized the design and functionality of the frames.

Before Nix, the digital photo frames generally looked blander in appearance and the material of which they had been made of looked cheaper as well. Nix-digital recognized the importance of the classy and stylish looks of the frames and started work at the beginning.

The resolution of the display of these frames matter a lot. The more the resolution is and the more beautiful the images will look. Keeping that in mind Nix uses much more advanced technology than the other brands. The image processor chip allows displaying images up to 16 mega pixels while most other brands can only display image up to 5 to 7 mega pixels. Nix uses faster processor so that he frames navigation speed becomes faster.

Usually there are memory slots in digital frames where memory cards are installed. Nix frames not only have memory slots but also posses built in memory that allows them to have more memory space. These frames come with shipping without any charges and one year manufacturer’s warranty. Nix is so confident in its products that it provides 14 days money back guarantee as well.

So, want to grab a digital frame? Why bother some other brands? Let Nix to fix it for you.

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