Hiring an Individual SEO Optimizer

There is nothing wrong with self-optimization. If you have the entire knowledge of SEO or if you have been professionally doing this for years, then there is no problem doing this yourself.

Today, there are SEO experts from established companies who use their knowledge to optimize their own websites instead of sending it to a pro firm. There are also those who choose to self-optimize small projects for their friends as an alternative to costly professional SEO fees. Yet this is not the problem.

The real problem is when large companies begin to hire the service of these experts. Instead of team-optimization, they resort to employing an independent self-optimizer to save money and to avoid paying a bunch of SEO experts. The problem worsens when this becomes excessively and rapidly popular.

Many SEO employees opt to become sole optimizers for large companies (because of the promising pay), which slowly weakens the established SEO teams in serious SEO companies and forces them to reconstruct their internal SEO teams to the extent of reducing employees and workers, and worse, oblige themselves to close down their operations.

Indeed, the numbers of self-optimizers are growing along with the increasing number of economical companies that would rather pay one person than entrust their optimization to an SEO-focused company.

Because of this matter, SEO companies are being forced to come up with binds and agreements that will prevent their SEO employees from transferring to other companies or leaving the company without notice, which in some ways, according to SEO company employees, have secured their jobs and limited their freedom as employees at the same time. SEO contracts are now longer, yet consequences and penalties are stricter should the employee violate the agreement.

Due to this agreement, people see this as a threatening scenario and soon lose interest on becoming SEO workers, an occurrence that undermined the weakening SEO industry.

Because only an individual or a single person does self-optimization, it lacks the focus present in team optimization done in sole SEO companies, the reason why many self-optimized websites have weak keyword foundations or link building internal processes. And according to SEO blogs on the Web, self-optimization is undoubtedly cheaper, but the result you may get from excessive saving may harm your website.

Many SEO experts—even the independent and non-company owner SEO experts—are educating companies about the disadvantages of hiring a single SEO expert as an alternative to costly yet focused SEO companies.

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  • I agree with the self optimization as it saves money but it is also time consuming therefore I rather prefer to hire some one for this project as it is now a days easy to find cheap SEO from Bangladesh , Pakistan etc

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