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The Top 5 Gadgets of 2011

I keep thinking what more can people come up with?  I love gadgets but I must confess that I would make a terrible inventor I would be totally stumped because we seem to have everything that we could possibly need to use already.  Fortunately there are a lot of very clever people out there that constantly prove me wrong.  I have gone through all the latest gadgets and put together the 5 that I like best.

1. Envi

My favourite gadget for 2011 is Envi. Envi is not envious but environmentally friendly.  This gadget takes your garbage and changes it into food for the plant that grows out of it.  It not only gets rid of waste in a very useful way but it also looks very good.  If everybody uses Envi for their home pot plants the saving to environment will be phenomenal so I am really rooting for this product.

2. Smart Shopping Carts

Number two on my list is an idea that makes our lives so much easier.  Smart Shopping Carts is a new app for smart phones that will be like a GPS for the shopper.  It will alert you to grocery discounts and to items that it is used to you buying.  With your Smart Shopper you are very unlikely to forget the milk.

3. Nintendo 3DS

Number 3 on my list is the Nintendo 3DS which is a portable hand held game.  It even has wireless internet connectivity so you can play games against your friends.  Open up the little device and your playing characters literally come to life.  There is so much on the gaming market but I must say this little handheld gaming device got a ‘super cool” from my teenagers.  I have never seen anything like it those little playing characters look like human beings that have been shrunk and stuck into the device.  I must admit the realism was strange and awesome at the same time.

4. Nook Colour Digital Book

Nook Colour Digital Book yes there are many e-reader tablets on the market but this one is really very user friendly and has great features such that it can be used to surf the web and access your social media. While the Nook is a bit expensive, you can by the Slim Nook Digital book for nearly $100 less.  The screen is like a book page and it is very easy to read of.  Nook digital books come with extended battery life.

5. Sony Vaio 3D Computer

If you are a serious gamer you have to get the Sony Vaio.  The resolution is amazing and to adapt to your game you can switch from 2D to 3D.  The computer comes with Blu-ray drives and Black Frame insertion. Even if you are not a gamer you will love having this computer to work on.  The quality of the 3D surpasses any previous products and is up to par to their great 3D television sets.

New gadgets are created every day it seems so it is hard to keep up.  I am not even sure if these will still be my favourite by the end of the year.  Tablets are the big thing currently and yes they are great the only reason that I excluded them in my top 5 is because I could not decide which to choose.

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