4 Reasons Why Google TV Is Overrated!

Google TV is a new trend for TV watching that merges your current TV programming and the web into a supposedly flawless experience. WRONG! There are a number of reasons Google TV is finding itself overrated by many who have had the unfortunate experience of this mixture.

Home theaters have not only spoiled us but have educated us to the quality and possibilities of prime TV watching! There is no comparison between something like Google TV and the excellence and superiority provided by a custom crafted home theater setup. But there are four major reasons that Google TV is quickly becoming overrated:

1. First the screen visibility is poor

Lacks the sharp focus and clarity that has enticed us and that we have all grown accustomed to with good home theaters. It actually has faint black lines running through the picture you receive and it is very distracting and unsettling. You actually start watching the lines instead of the program you’ve chosen! Not helpful in wanting to like this or recommend it to anyone.

2. Google TV software is not without its challenges

Either and in this day and age that is disturbing in itself. It is difficult and concerning to the point of taking all the excitement out of having it instead of making it as simple as possible so hat anyone can install it and be up and running, it limits itself. It does not make you want to use it like the advertising did.

What happened? Did they spend all their money on advertising and forget to make the software user friendly? Not sure about the answer to that one but pretty certain that most people will have absolutely no desire to mess with software that is subpar.

3. Too many choices.

I know that sounds odd, but too many choices come with additional issues-they can be worse than PC’s. Choices in food, clothing, travel and various areas are awesome but when it comes to television we want it as simple as possible. TV is an escape from all the problems we face everyday in the real world.

4. Limited quality sound.

Ok, let’s face it we are all subject to poor sound quality at times but continuously? I don’t think so. The sound quality needs to be sharp and clear in order to enjoy anything. Watching a favorite program and having “squint” with your ears is literally ridiculous! Give me quality sound and I can overlook a few other issues.

Maybe money motivated faster than technology in this one. Anytime you see a drastic drop in the cost (from $249.00 to $99.00) something’s not cutting it! Most people enjoy watching TV, it has become a part of main stream America and we have come to expect a certain level of quality and production.

Home theaters have spoiled us to the luxury of creating the ‘theater’ experience right in the comfort of our homes and we like that. But part of the home theater success is the high level of superiority that not only feeds the senses but enhance the over all experience of watching TV.

Home theaters have nothing to worry about when it comes to Google TV being any competition in its current infancy. And who wants the hassle when what we have works.

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  • I definitely can agree with a couple of those reasons, but I really don’t see how “too many choices” could ever possibly be a downfall. I don;t currently use Google TV, not that I don’t like it, just not my favorite.

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