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5 Tips for Choosing a Router Password

It is extremely important that you secure your wireless internet from hackers by creating a password. You are paying the bill so why allow others to take advantage of the service?

The security of your wireless network relies on the efficiency of your password. A weak password is an open opportunity for hackers to utilize your service as well as invade your personal data that is shared on the network. Choosing a strong password for your wireless router is one of the first tasks after setting up your wireless network. If you are unsure of how to choose a strong password, here are 5 tips to make the task a lot easier and beneficial.

1. Refrain from creating obvious passwords

You are just making it easier for hackers to access your network. Once you have set up a wireless network, your network name will be visible to other computer owners with a built-in wireless adapter. Therefore if your password is similar or the exact network name, the hacker will not encounter any difficulties in deciphering the password. For example, if the name of your wireless network is “John Brown,” and your password is “John” or “Brown,” your password is no secret. Users who refrain from creating obvious passwords are least likely to be affected by hackers.

2. Choose “undictionary” words or phrases for passwords

The password for your wireless network does not have to adhere to any grammar or spelling rule. Create your own unique words or phrases for passwords. The more “undictionary” your password is, the least likely is to be hacked. For a home network, users would be most comfortable to use words or phrases familiar to the members of the household only. If it is a weird nickname or a funny phrase that is only shared among your family then it is most suitable as the password to your wireless network.

3. Mix your letters, characters and numbers

A router password can be as long and complicated as you wish. Get creative with your password. Create a password that includes not only words or only numbers but mix them to make it even more difficult to hack. Your aim in choosing a router password is to protect your network from hackers. Therefore, the more complex your password is, the more secure your network is.

4. Create a memorable password

Your router password should be memorable. Although you want to prevent hackers from gaining access to your network, passwords that are catchy or easy to remember make it less frustrating for you. An anniversary date and your birthday are wonderful ideas for a router password since it is practically impossible to forget important dates as those.

5. Do some research

Users who are willing to ensure that their wireless network is fully secured, take the time to browse on the internet for familiar or weak router passwords. This research will guide the user from choosing similar faulty passwords.

Protecting your wireless network is a prime responsibility. A lot of unscrupulous internet users are all over the world. Hence secure wireless networks do not rely only on the network security key but a strong enough password to guard the network from hackers and attackers.

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  • Of all the tips you gave about creating the right password, to me the most helpful one would be the one about creating the most memorable one. It happened to me hundreds times before where I created passwords and forgot what they were, the same story goes for my bank passcodes :S Thanks again for this post.
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