Extending the Life of Your Cell Phone Batteries

If you’re like most people, your cell phone is more than just a telephone. That’s why choosing the best cell phone batteries you can will help you keep your phone charged and keep you connected. In addition to being your main communication device, your cell phone could also be used as a navigational system, an ISP, a game module, a calendar and scheduler, an email client, a music machine and more. Of course, each of these functions gobble up your battery power like yesterday’s lunch.

With a handy charger in your car, and one in your home and office, you can typically keep the batteries charged. But if you use your phone a lot, it may not be enough to keep your phone going. Especially if your battery isn’t the right one for your phone, or if you abuse it like some of us do. To make it last longer and extend the life of your cell phone battery, be sure you use what the manufacturer recommends for your phone model, and do your best to protect it from abuse and mistreatment.

While reading a product manual isn’t anyone’s favorite pastime, it’s the best way to determine which battery is designed for your model of phone. Battery needs can be dramatically between even “sister” phones that are similar and part of the same product line. In addition, while generic batteries often “fit,” some manufacturer’s will void your cell phone warranty if you use them. So know what’s what by reading the manual, just to be safe.

Some cell phone batteries can only be charged when they are fully empty, meaning they have no power left in them at all. If this applies to you, charging them too soon can damage them irreparably so they won’t hold a charge. Ask your cell phone carrier if this is true for your phone and battery. And it if is, be sure to let your battery run down before charging it to make it last as long as possible.

Part of the cost of using a cell phone is maintaining the battery and keeping it charged. Knowing what kind of battery you need and how best to care for it will help considerably when it comes to extending the life of your battery and keeping you connected for less.

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