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Communication devices within offices are efficient and affordable for a company to develop while increasing profits. The internet is the most popular way of transmitting communication within offices, and internet telephony is fast replacing cable phones and direct links. The internet is cheap, and access is spread across a large area cheaply as well. VSAT is a method of internet connectivity that is extremely fast and reliable.

It is an acronym for Very Small Aperture Terminal, and consists of a satellite broadcasting and transmitting small amounts of data rapidly over a short period.

The satellite transmits data through credit card transactions and polling, as well as cell phones and land lines. Heavy use of this satellite link occurs in the meteorological field where satellites connected to weather stations transmit data every minute. This is helpful for companies that are difficult to reach.

When the location of the business is away from more common methods of internet service, the satellite is reliable and cheap and transmits data at a faster rate, enabling the company to do more in less time. Security breeches are less than cable internet and the hardware, though more expensive, is less likely to fail. The downfall is that local intranet will be difficult and costly to implement, using the very small aperture terminal.

Satellite Bases Systems:

The VSAT is often used to manage other systems of communication within a company. One of these is SCADA; which is also an acronym meaning supervisory control and data acquisition.

It is an industrial system, usually a group of computers which control the infrastructure of the company. The system is powerful, able to control machinery within a production company as well as monitor the rate of production. This method of controlled data acquisition also helps examination companies to assess papers and make corrections. Calculations of the scores come through a printout and the system then makes statistical analyses of the data on the spot.

The results come in and are viewed on a computer monitor. Other companies use the SCADA within their local intranet. It manages computers within a company that link together. Software is uploaded to several computers at once and the system administrator can look at all the files on each system and make sure they are working. The supervisory control flags errors within the software on each system and the administrator then corrects them.


Communications within companies can also be done over the basic internet. Simple computers are able to send messages in text or voice format easily. Voice over internet protocol is used in a company to save on telephone bills.

Debt collection agencies use dialers hooked up to servers that dial at random and save time and money. Communication via text messaging is also increasing over the world as the short message is direct, cheap and just about everyone has a cell phone these days.

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