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Two Cool, Must-Have Gadgets For Music and Video Lovers

Music and video lovers are often gadget geeks, always looking for the new media players that will play faster, better and more clearly than older generations of devices. Consider two terrific gadgets that can heighten the enjoyment of both the old and the new in music and video collections.

Cassette Tape Recorder

It’s ‘fess up’ time. How many of you have a box or two stuffed in the back of your closet that holds old music cassettes? How many times have you pretended not to see them because you’d start missing those old classics? Sure, you can get the same songs on a DVD now, but the memories that accompany sliding those cassettes in go beyond just the music. Besides, you don’t like spending money for songs that you already own. The Tape 2 USB II Recorder saves the day!

Connect this really cool electronics gadget into a USB port in your computer, and you can play all those cassettes again. Its slim, sleek design means you can carry this with you in the computer laptop case or fit it nicely by your PC or Mac. As an added bonus, you can load the cassettes directly onto your computer and never be without them again. Create music libraries, burn CDs or fill your MP3 player with your cassette favorites.

Because it uses a USB connection, you can play the device in your car with a 12-volt USB connection. You no longer have to choose between a CD player or a cassette player in your car’s dashboard. The plug-and-play feature means you don’t have to worry about driver programs: You connect. You use. Period. Don’t worry if you don’t have a DC-powered USB port. Any electronics store worth its salt has one. Some auto parts stores carry products as well. Check around for the best prices, though. They can vary widely. Save that money for more music!

If your smartphone has the capability, you might sync the phone and hear your old favorites via the phone you carry with you all the time anyway. The adaptability and versatility of both this USB cassette player/recorder and your phone technology merge quite nicely, saving not only you money from duplicate music purchases but also saving the memories, smiles and plain music history.

Media Files Jukebox

If you’re playing in the major leagues of music and video capture, don’t worry about how much space your music collection is using. Transfer every cassette tape you just added to your hard drive, all those CDs you’ve ripped, all those videos that have snarfed up 80 percent of your drive space and send all of it to a media jukebox.

One jukebox gadget is the TVIX model that connects to both your computer and to many television sets. That’s right—your TV set. Load your DVD collection into the gadget, save space, save the media, and save the electricity that your computer uses, often more than a television set uses. Your DVD player broken?

Not anymore! A DVD player is simply the means through which the data on the disk is sent to your TV. The jukebox does all that AND stores the media for full selection capabilities without digging through stack after stack, shelf after shelf.

MPEG, MPEG2, (AVI, VOB), MPEG4 (DivX, XviD) MP3, .JPEG, .WAV, .DVIX, Multi-Channel digital audio, OGG VORBIS and WMA files are safe and sound and all available to you in one place. Living room, den, basement or bedroom, never be without your full collection of sound or video files again. You have a computer or a TV in every room? Your collection can be with you as well.

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