5 Best Android News Apps

With the rising popularity of Google’s Android platform, there are a number of apps across various genres and functionalities. Since the introduction of Android OS to the public there are number news apps that have been made by independent developers all across the world. Many big news corporations have also rolled out their official news app through which you can collect information about all the latest happenings in the world.

1. NY Times

This is an award winning app from the New York Times newspaper. This free app can be obtained easily from the Android Market. Upon download, you can easily start receiving the latest updates from all over the world. There are a number of blogs and magazines to which you can subscribe easily through this app.

The app will also enable you to view the news for offline viewing. You can easily sync your phone and you can easily share your news articles with your friends on the social networking sites.

2. News Republic:

This is another news app this light and doesn’t consume a large amount of memory and bandwidth. The news alerts can be retrieved only on those topics which are of your interest.

The headline widget is another attraction to watch out for. The widget refreshes its content almost often. The app is social media ready and you can easily share and retrieve news articles in your social circles.

3. USA Today:

This is a free app that is used to deliver news across sports, money and politics from all over the world. You will be able to get all the latest happenings about the weathers across various parts of the globe.

You can subscribe for alerts for news on your mobile via SMS and you can easily share them with your friends over the social networking websites.

4. World Newspapers:

This application is one of the best applications in the area of news apps. This app is capable of fetching news from more than 600 newspapers from all over the world.

Based on your choice and preferences you can select the local newspapers and magazines. The app is constantly improving and many new newspapers, websites and magazines are being incorporated into it.

5. AP Mobile:

This app is an introduction from the Associated Press which is a renowned name in the news arena. The major feature of this app is the presentation of the news articles in the form of slideshows.

These slideshows can help you in visualizing the news items at a glance. The photo tab is organized at the top of the app so that slideshows can be shown in them.

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