Make Real Money By Selling Photos Taken From Your Mobile Phone

If you like to take the photographs from mobile phone and you have photogenic nature and take pictures all time from your phone then here is a nice mobile app for you. ScoopShot a free app for Android and iOS devices which allows you to snap a picture using your phone and sell those pics to international media.

This App is developed by P2S Media Group Inc. Scoopshot makes you a mobile news photographer – everything you need is in your pocket.

About P2S Media Group :

P2S Media Group Inc. was established in April 2010 and is located in Helsinki, Finland. Privately owned, the company is run by a team of entrepreneurs with a successful track record. The company develops and runs the groundbreaking Scoopshot™ photo service that brokers news photography between mobile Scoopshooters around the world and the international media through the Scoopshot Store.

ScoopShot App screenshots ::

How To Use Scoopshot:

  • Download ScoopShot for your Mobile Device.
  • If something grabs your attention on the go then simply open Scoopshot and tap the lens logo to snap a photo.
  • Set a price for your photo and explain what makes it important. Send your photo to Scoopshot Store directly from your smartphone,
  • Earn money. When someone purchases your photo, you’ll get a notification to your phone.

What you can do with ScoopShot ?

With Scoopshot you can Snap news photos, set your prices and send them to Scoopshot Store for sale. Successful Scoopshooters have earned thousands of euros! Also you can receive photo tasks from the media. Earn rewards for great photos and see your photo published by the media!

Download ScoopShot – Android | iPhone

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