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Budgeting Apps That Will Help You Save

Everyone has to keep on top of their monthly bills and manage their household budgets so that their finances are never over-stretched.  In the past, this might mean sitting with piles of paper and a calculator to carry out complex sums, but in a world of smartphones and tablet PCs, you can use applications to get the job done quickly and accurately.

The apps featured below will help you manage your savings, work out when bills need to be paid and allow you to tot up any expenses.


For iPad owners, one of the best premium budgeting apps around is PocketMoney, which will cost £2.99 to download from the App Store. PocketMoney benefits from an engaging user interface that allows you to see a visual representation of your budget’s status so you can get a quick snapshot of your finances.

Managing both incoming and outgoing funds, it integrates savings, accounts, investments and regular transactions in a way that is never confusing. PocketMoney can send you free push notifications that let you know when deadlines are approaching and there is even a free Lite edition if you want to try it before you buy it.


An alternative app in this category is HomeBudget, also coming in at a cost of £2.99, or with the option to go for the scaled-down free version. This is best at helping you manage and analyse your bills, letting you look six months into the future and examine the shape of your monthly spend so that you can prepare as required.


AccountTracker is a critically acclaimed app that lets you calculate your expenses, track various accounts and really allow you to modify the experience to meet your needs.  It costs just £1.79 to download and if you want an app that is designed for people on the move who do not have time to spend flicking through endless graphs and analysis, then this is the software for you.

Meter Readings

If your utility bills are becoming a bit of a burden, then an app called Meter Readings will be a worthy investment at just £1.19.  This app lets you keep tabs on your energy expenditure, allowing you to keep the cost of your paper bills in one easy to access format.  As the name suggests, you can enter your current meter reading for gas and electricity and see how much you have spent.

Perhaps the best aspect of this app is that it lets you compare the prices of different energy providers that are available in your area. With rising prices pushing fuel costs through the roof and a raft of deals making a switchover desirable, this app will help let you know whether you are bagging a bargain or paying over the odds.

There are plenty more apps for iPhone and iPad that are designed to squeeze the most out of your household budget, some of which are free, whilst others just cost a few pounds. Whatever their value, these apps can help you reap monthly savings and teach you how to live frugally without feeling the effects of cutting back.

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