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iPadian – The Best iPad Simulator for Windows

The iPad is undoubtedly the best tablet to have in 2011. But if you do not have the budget to buy it, then you can test it’s interface directly on Windows. iPadian is a free and portable software allowing you to simulate the iPad interface on Windows.

iPadian provides a own custom app store from where you can install some extra applications other than the ones which come pre-installed with it. You have to just download this software and install on your windows to run it.

iPadian Features :

  • Standalone Adobe air application
  • Full Screen preview
  • Custom App Store
  • Games, Free music & videos
  • Webkit browser and Social Chat
  • Support Facebook notification & messages

iPadian uses the Webkit browser and the installed apps work seamlessly with complete internet connectivity and proper performance.

The right-side window of the iPadian enables you to access Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Gmail and Bing. iPadian currently works on the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download Ipadian

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