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Mobile Phone Accessories and their Benefits

Latest mobile phones are blessed with innumerable features and functionalities. To support their versatile functions and to provide the users with much more comforts and options, mobile phones come with their accessories to support multi-tasking and the added features.

Bluetooth headset accessories:

Also called the ‘Bluetooth hands-free’ is a gift to busy businessmen or call center executives. With your both hands free, you can carry on with other works like typing while still talking. They can also be used to listen to music from your mobile without wired ear phones. These Bluetooth headset accessories come with single/ double earphones with a tiny microphone (either extended or embedded).

Nokia BH 904 and BH 214, Jabra BT530, Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800, BlueAnt Q1 and Motorola Endeavor HX1 being the latest ones, almost all mobile phone brands offer their own compatible Bluetooth headsets.

Car Kits:

Car kit accessories are those which enable you to use your phone for many purposes like battery charging, wireless audio through car speaker system, touch sensitive screen to operate and so on while in the car. Nokia car charger and Samsung micro USB car charger can be used to charge your mobile phone from car’s battery.

Crystal offers a car kit which has ‘text to voice’ conversion technology which enables you to operate the mobile, including reading text messages without even touching the mobile, while driving safely.

Outdoor external Speakers:

External speakers for your mobile phone can be used while partying outdoors or where there is no power. These run on batteries and receive signals via Bluetooth technology. Check out the Sony Ericsson MS500 which boasts of a splash proof body with Sony’s amazing audio quality.


USB adapter cables, mic cables, Data cable cum charger and so on can be of great help to you. But remember to buy branded cables for better performance, durability and compatibility.


Mobile phone accessories like Mobile phone cases, covers and screen guard to protect sensitive screens and so on can be very handy and useful at times. Memory cards can prove to be worthy if you are the one who would like to carry huge data in your mobile phone. With latest smart phones having in-built or extendible memory up to 32 GB, you may never have to bother about the space in your mobile to carry those audio, video and other files.

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