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MoneySupermarket.com Launch First Smart Phone Car Insurance Comparison App

UK based company MoneySupermarket.com has become the first company to launch a car insurance comparison app which is available to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners.

The app which was made in collaboration with tech wizards Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) and allows customers to compare car insurance quotes available through over one hundred different insurers in a matter of minutes; making finding the cheapest deals available to particular individuals easier than ever before.

This is all part of the companies mission to get more people to compare the possible deals available to them rather than simply accepting the first quote they are offered; a undertaking which has the backing of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) who claims that by comparing quotes available through just 5 different insurers, motorists stand to make a saving of 35% on average.

How does it work?

The MoneySupermarket.com car insurance app can be downloaded for free either from iTunes or the MoneySupermarket website itself and has been designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Upon downloading the app, users need simply follow the on-screen instructions; firstly, creating a personal MoneySupermarket.com account for themselves or alternatively logging in if they have set up an account on the website on a previous occasion. The advantage of creating an account is that on subsequent occasions you will not have to waste time filling in personal information about yourself (i.e. gender, occupation and age).

Inputting vehicle details has also never been quicker or easier, with the app retrieving vehicle information assigned to specific registration plates upon simply taking a photo of any car that you may be considering purchasing or getting yourself insured on. The app will automatically access the DVLA’s database of vehicle registration plates and retrieve the information which is required in order to calculate quotes (i.e. make and model of car etc). Taking photos of multiple vehicles will not eradicate quotes that you have previously retrieved, meaning that you can compare quotes which are available on multiple vehicles.

If you find a desirable quote or want more information about an offer which has been made to you by an insurer, then there is a “click to call” button which is located alongside each premium.

Sparking a revolution

MoneySupermarket.com’s Julie Fisher stated that the app is “going to help our consumers get car insurance any time, anywhere”.  The company believes that the app will inspire other comparison services to launch similar tools by taking advantage of smart phone technologies, which could radical alter the way we go about purchasing insurance. Although it is only currently available in the UK; the concept is likely to be picked up by American insurance companies in the coming months.

Putting effort into finding the cheapest premiums is quickly becoming a necessity for the majority of motorists in the UK, where the average driver is now paying 40% for premiums than what they were 12 months ago on the back of the credit crunch and the rise in fraudulent claims which are being made in the country.

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