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Blogging for Money: Step by Step Process

Internet has come of age, especially for those who have a flair for writing. Very few of aspiring writers flourished before the era of blogs, and there were more failures than the few gritty ones who survived to make end meet. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, starting on a blog is a great idea not just to have creative satisfaction but also to make some serious money.

What could be better than following on your passion (writing) and earning from it? No matter what part of the world you come from, and what your social and educational background is, you can be successful as long as you appear to be an authority on the subject you have chosen as you blog topic. Another important point to remember is to strike an emotional chord with your audience.

What is a blog?

A blog is essentially like a TV series as it has episodes and comes out with your comments and views on a particular topic. Many say that a blog is just like a website though there are differences in the way Google or other search engines evaluate and rank a blog. Yes, people are wary of reading something that has been paid for, and become suspicious as soon as they see someone recommending a product or a service, but they are still interested in reading a blog if it has something that matters or has important tips and advices for them on matters having significance in their lives.

Most blogs start of as creative exercises

As a matter of fact, most people who start a blog do so as they have been appreciated for their writing style and flair. These are people who get a lot of satisfaction out of writing their heart out on varied subjects. But the thing to keep in mind is to remain confined to a topic whether it is health, education, investment, celebrity gossip, movies, photography, or what not. You keep on writing on a subject making people look up and take notice of you. You start to appear like an authority on the subject. More and more people turn to your blog to find answers to their problems or to see if you have something new and interesting to say on the topic.

Monetize your blog at the right time

It is when people wait for your next blog to appear that you can think of making money out of it. You may not be aware of this, but there are companies making products and providing services that have realized the power of blogs as being very effective in bringing in more customers to them. A recommendation for a product or a service coming from a blogger who is perceived as a friend and an authority on the topic is far more convincing than a paid advertisement on a website or radio, TV or newspapers.

Be clever not to talk about a product or service

Believe it or not, your readers are clever to understand the motive behind what you are saying. A passing mention of a product or service after having presented interesting matter in a convincing manner, putting in a dose of fun and trivia, is a far better idea than appearing as hell bent on pushing a product or service.

How to stand out from others

There are millions of other blogs with 40000 new ones appearing every day. There is no need to compete with each of them. Keep your focus on ways to generate high traffic. There are sites outsourcing writers and pay them for blogging to write or push through products. You can get regular money this way.

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