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Today, the need to have a viable web presence is already a must. Dentists are not exempt from this. In order for them to see improvement in patient numbers and make dentistry a more lucrative profession, they need to invest in internet marketing and maintain effective techniques in order to succeed.

There is a growing trend for website visitors to be making dental appointments, or checking up dentist’s information online. This is reason enough for any dentist to put up his own dental website and improve its presence. With more and more sites up and running every day; a site without any strong support may not stand a chance to get noticed.

This is where new treatments come in. Dentists will benefit a lot from the new techniques in marketing their expertise in dental services. Here are some of useful suggestions that will come a very long way for your dental website a complete and soaring success.

  1. Spice up your website with related blogs. Blogs connect people on a more personal level. These can be answering your patient’s queries or sharing experiences on some dental problems. Some dentists also use blogs to post relevant news, offer discounts or even have contests. Since blogs are mostly showing a human side of the dentist, they can help build relationships
  2. Opening new opportunities with email or newsletter marketing. This is one good way of attracting new patients. Using emails and newsletters, possible patients are informed about the new services you have in your dental clinic. Take the approach to be helpful to the care needs of your patients. Since these can be easily forwarded, patients just tend to pass these emails for referrals or suggestions to their friends.
  3. Investing in press releases and articles with quality content. These things are your means to improve optimization. The search engines are continually roving the web for best results on searches. Following proper SEO techniques increases the chances of a site to get good rankings. One of the time tested techniques is producing well-written and informative articles and press releases. You can offer other dentists who do not compete with you in the same market some of these articles as blog posts for their site with a link back to your site.

These types of techniques give encouragement to the dentists in making their websites work to their advantage. As the playing field gets wider because of the infinite possibilities created by today’s internet technology, it is important to go with the changing reality and update oneself with the right SEO techniques.

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  • I agree that press releases are a great way to promote your dentistry. We use them whenever we have an event that is news worthy or if we receive some type dental or community award. We link to the press release in our blog as well as posting it on our Face Book site and we Tweet it also. This gives us good coverage and some links for SEO purposes.
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