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Hot, Free Apps for Your Mobile Device

Just because you have a smartphone doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on apps. There are thousands of free apps for download that will have you organized and entertained in no time flat. Here are the top free apps for your mobile device;

Apps for Apple Devices

BBC News

When looking for news apps, many people skip the offering from BBC in favor of the more popular CNN and Fox News apps. Back up a step and download this app! Correspondents in every corner of the globe ensure that you get the latest news and the simple to use interface makes sure you enjoy reading it.


Think of this app as a reason to exercise. Part Geo-cache and part game, the app collects items as you walk near them. Other players leave abandoned robots in your path that you can scoop up to add to your cache. Try it; it’s addicting!

Google Earth

If you’ve ever used Google Earth on your PC, you’ve got to download it for your iPhone. Not only can you explore your world at a whim but you can send photos to your friends. Want to show your friend in India your local Starbucks? Locate it on the app and send away.

Apps for Android Devices

Launcher Pro

Your android phone will let you launch apps using its own software but this app allows you to customize your other apps, and your home screens, in a much more user friendly, personalized manner.

Google Translate

Type in your text or have someone speak into your microphone and the app will translate the words into one of more than 50 languages. It’s perfect for the world traveler or someone who lives in a culturally rich environment.


Not everyone likes the thought of automatically being checked in to locations but the app has a very useful feature: business discounts! Many companies are jumping on the Foursquare bandwagon and offering discounts and free stuff to its users.

Apps for Windows OS devices

Slacker Radio

Over 150 genre stations are available on this free app. Much like Pandora, the app becomes more personalized the more you use it. Simply like or ban artists and you’ll soon find that your music list is tailored to your preferences.


This is a great app for those of you that are addicted to apps. Set your filters and you can be alerted to new app releases by price, genre or even rankings.

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