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Laptops vs. Desktops : What to Choose?

The never ending debate on whether laptops are better than desktops or vice versa is still a query in mind of many. While some believe that desktops are a better option than laptops, there are others who think that laptops are more useful and beneficial than their traditional counterparts. It actually depends on the requirements, budget and tastes of the user that decide whether a laptop is better or a desktop.

Why opt for laptops?

When we talk about laptops, there is the great benefit of convenience that comes attached with these devices. You cannot just pick up the desktop and take it along with you, anywhere you go. But with a laptop, it can be easily taken around and used anywhere you wish like. There are hardly wires or cords that are attached with the laptops and so they are handy to use and easy to handle.

Desktops are better

But on the other hand, multimedia and streaming tasks are easier and better with the desktops. The processor inside a desktop is faster and better and can thus handle more tasks at a time. There is also more space. However on the other side, the laptops require additional hard drive. Desktops are also easier to upgrade, more powerful, easier to repair and maintain and generally last for longer period of time when compared with the laptops.

Also, the desktop PCs are less costly than the laptops and are generally not as sensitive to handle like the laptops. Even a small shock or mishandling can be disastrous for the laptop. More so, the costs involved to get the desktop services or repaired is less than when we compare with the prices involved to repair a laptop.

For example, in case the keyboard of a desktop stops working, one can buy the new one. But in case the keypad of the laptop stops carrying out its work, you surely need to send it to the authorized service center to get it repaired and so huge costs are involved in this process. Products like HP desktops offers great performance and reliability so one should go for branded desktops only.

Why not laptops?

Many people even find small display screen and the keyboards of laptops a bit frustrating. The small display even makes the devices less than desirable for all those who wish to play the games or DVDs.

Make your decision

So, in case you are mainly concerned with wires, cords and hookups which are linked with desktops, wish to experience the portable and easy convenience or want the device to be small so that you can take it anywhere, then laptop is the solution for you.

However on the other hand, if you wish to spend fewer amounts and so wish to enjoy magnificent upgrades with ease, you should rather look out for the best desktop available. You can add to the looks of the laptop with skinit skins which is an added advantage of going for a laptop.

What are you waiting for? Weight the advantages and disadvantages for both laptops and desktops, check out your own requirements and budget and then opt to go with the best option. With careful research, you will be able to buy the best device for yourself and your family. Choose laptops vs. desktops as per your own needs and requirements.

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