Using Online Tools to Plan a Dream Holiday

You may have seen the old television programs that used to take celebrities around different locations, such as “Wish You Were Here” and all the other classic Saturday night viewing of all the holidays you could win, you might have subconsciously created a list of top destinations you would really like to visit.

So how do you collate this information like Tourism Packages and Tourist Packages in a way that makes it easily accessible when you are looking for holidays in the future? Check out some Online Tools to Plan a Dream Holiday and let us know if you have better ideas,

Placing in the Favorites

When actually looking for holidays, you will no doubt be coming across many aggregator sites as well as sites that house their own offers and deals on the specific destinations and hotels. So make sure you create a new folder for your holiday favorites and save away any of the holidays you want to come back to. It is also worth noting the price in the title, just in case it changes dramatically.


Alternatively, you could use a bookmarking service, such as del.icious, digg or Reddit as a means of keeping track and letting your followers know if you have snooped out any killer deals on the travel industry. This is great as other people can recommend deals that match alongside your own, and is a different kind of networking than you might be used to.

Social Networks

Facebook is the usual suspect when thinking of social networking, the main benefit of using this site is to have reach to all the people in your immediate network and people that might consider coming with you. Facebook makes it easy to plan a holiday and throw an idea around to everyone if you are thinking of going on a group holiday. A group chat or page makes this kind of interaction and social voting easy and a great way to get a whole groups consensus on a trip. Although it can sometimes get a bit convoluted with all the other happenings on Facebook.


This is a new social media service available and is more aligned to helping you create a list of images and annotate them to create an idea of the most ideal holiday destinations and activities. Any pictures you find that really capture your interest and inspire you to travel to the destination should be placed on here, there is also a reference to the site where you found the image. By making sure you select the image from the site you are essentially creating a breadcrumb trail of potential dream holiday locations. The more pictures you ‘pin’, the more of an idea you will have about what your dream holiday should consist of.

There are many ways to keep track of the dream holiday you want to go on. If you are looking for a family holiday, perhaps when budget is the primary concern then the bookmarking and placing in the favorites will be the best ways at keeping track of the latest deals and prices on a personal basis.

Social networks are perfect if you are looking to arrange a group holiday with friends as then everyone can have input on the destination. And if you are looking to create the dream holiday destination, perhaps for a honeymoon, and you don’t want to forget any of the pictures that you have been inspired by then Pinterest is the one for you.

So guys which online tools do you use to Plan a Dream Holiday, share with us via comments below.

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