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It’s Possible to Use Skype to Make Money, and Here’s How!

Skype Prime is a service that charges people to call you. You set the rate and Skype takes 30 percent of what you make. However, the minimum limit is 50 cents per minute in a call.

Thanks to this service, it is possible for people to make money using Skype. Like other Internet marketing strategies, it will take a little bit of work to make these methods a business. I recommend that you also research different marketing methods. Nevertheless, here are three ways you, too, can make money with Skype.

1. Become a consultant

If you are an expert in a certain field, you can charge people for your consultation. This could be anything from technical issues to love advice. If you can prove to be a great consultant, your callers will more than likely tell their friends about you the next time they need a consultant. You can even start your own business website with a link to your Skype number.

2. Sell Software Licenses

Similar to eBay for Amazon, it can be possible to sell license activation codes for various shareware software programs to customers. Of course, since these types of calls won’t last more than a minute, you should significantly raise the rate per minute. You may even want to email your customers the activation code and keep your sent emails as personal records. If Skype Prime were to open its own automation functions, it could be an efficient eCommerce site.

3. 900 Number Services

Typical phone services are part of the 900 number services. You can set up your own 900 number service using Skype Prime. Of course, you may want to start a service in which you are actually talented. Perhaps your are an expert at relationships and can offer advice? Perhaps you’re a mathematical genius and would like to offer you tuition services? Or maybe you can give advice on share dealing to new investors? The list of possibilities is long.

The best way to do this is to start your own pod casting station on your own website. This is relatively easy to do with some cheap sound equipment. Once people become fans of your station, they may want to call in and talk for advice. This is where Skype Prime comes in. You can charge people to ask for your advice.


Your creativity is your limit. If you can find a need and think of a way to fill that need, you can use Skype Prime to make money. However, always be sure to adhere to Skype’s TOS. You don’t want to be found in violation of their Terms of Service.

If you can successfully utilise these methods, along with some simple online marketing and promotion, you will be making money with Skype Prime. Good luck!

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