4 Tips to Ensure You are Using Your Phone Safely While Driving

In today’s modern society, nearly everyone you meet will have at least one cell phone which they use to stay connected to friends, coworkers and family. Although it is important to stay connected as much as possible, it is still important to reduce the amount of time spend talking on the phone in the car while driving. If you must drive and talk on the phone, use these helpful tips to ensure you are being as safe as possible.

Remember that in many states, talking on a cell phone or texting while driving is illegal, so be sure to follow laws in your area.

1. Wear a Headset

For those who need to stay connected at all times with employees or who just like to spend their commutes catching up with friends over the phone, the headset is absolutely a great way to do so.

Instead of needing to hold your cell phone and have a conversation, you can just speak into the headset and mouthpiece that is connected to your mobile device. Be sure that if you use this while driving that you plug it in and adjust it before you get behind the wheel. If you are fiddling with the headset while driving it can be just as distracting as holding the phone.

2. Voice Commands

Some great new developments in technology mean that it is possible to speak on the phone without dialing as you drive or searching through your phone’s contact list from behind the wheel.

If you can afford an upgrade, consider one of the new smartphones which come equipped with voice command software. The idea is very clever and as a bonus, is simple to use. Just speak into the phone, or into the headset if you are wearing one, and then the phone will put your call through to whoever you request. This can let you talk while keeping your eyes completely focus on the road and the cars around you, helping to eliminate possible accidents.

3. Pull Over to Talk

If you need to talk to someone urgently on the phone and you are not equipped with a voice command phone or a headset, then be smart and pull over while talking. If you are in an urgent rush, at the very least you should pull over to dial and begin the conversation.

4. Avoid Emotional Conversations

Even those drivers who can keep both hands on the wheels thanks to a headset should not attempt to have frustrating or emotional conversations while on the road. If you recently had a fight with your spouse, have bad news from work or hear something emotional about your family then don’t attempt to try while having the conversation.

Explain that you are on the phone and need to call back when it is safe, and look for a safe and secure place to pull over to continue the dialogue.

By remembering these 4 tips next time you are behind the wheel, you can reduce your risk of an accident.

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  • If you must dial when the vehicle is in motion, hold the phone level with the windshield. Shift your eyes back and forth from the road to the cell phone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says phone equipped with hands-free headsets and voice-activated dialing systems usually require more time to dial, increasing distractions.
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