The Best Laptops for the Business Executive 2012

Strength, durability and lots of power may sound like something sought after in a professional athlete, but they are really what busy business executives look for in a portable computer.

However, with many road warriors there is the willingness to give up a little bit of power in place of how easy the laptop is to type on and how easy they can point and click for access. How many connection options they have is another consideration and well as the systems available for managing their work.

Things to look for when choosing a business laptop include:

  • A known brand name
  • Ideally it will have an Intel Core 6 processor at minimum
  • Anything less the four megabytes of RAM should simply be ignored
  • Windows 7 business edition – never the home edition
  • Network capability, unless your business is run from home and there is no need to connect to a network server.
  • Wi-Fi capability is almost a necessity these days

Some of the best laptops available for business use include the Dell Latitude E6420 ATG at around $950 that provides plenty of power for the traveling executive and a long battery life, but its weight is of some concern for those who carry the computer on long trips.

Dell Vostro V131

One of the better values for a business laptop, meaning having the power and features needed within a tight budget is the Dell Vostro V131, starting at about $700. Despite the included power and performance, it has the distraction of its size and weight.

HP Elite Book 2560P

In about the same price range the HP Elite Book 2560P has demonstrated it can take a beating, a must for over the road computer users. It also provides easy connectivity and use of most components.

Dell Latitude E6320

The Dell Latitude E6320, priced at around $1,300 includes a lot of features wanted by busy travelers. The system has the power and punch to get the job done while still providing many options for the business traveler.

Lenovo ThinkPad T420

In the under $900 range, the Lenovo ThinkPad T420 has a list of included features that is exceeded only by its reliability and performance. Being able to offer presentations, while handling the needed chores of a business, the Lenovo is a prime candidate for the executive on the go and on a budget.

ThinkPad Edge E420

Another item from Lenovo, the ThinkPad Edge E420 is priced just under $600 and is lightweight, but not in performance or features. While it harbors an easy to use keypad and accepts numerous devices, it doesn’t contain the power required by gamers.

Dell Latitude E5420

Another Dell Latitude, model E5420 can be had for around $600 and contains a battery with standard life expectancy with several features used by most on the road.

HP EliteBook 8460P

Also in the under $600 range in the light-weight division is the HP EliteBook 8460P. It may not be the best looking laptop on the road but it does feature a nifty display and user-friendly keyboard.

HP ProBook 4430s

At around $500 the HP ProBook 4430s can provide even the most expense-conscious traveler a means of staying connected, but the lack of USB 3.0 makes it a tough choice for serious road warriors.

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