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Looking for a Bluetooth Headset? Choose From These Top 5 Options

Have you ever bought a Bluetooth headset for your phone or PC, only to find that it’s uncomfortable, falls out of your ear or just generally sits unused?

It may very well be that you simply made a poor choice or got talked into a bad headset when you purchased your cell phone. If you want to give Bluetooth headsets another try, here is a list of headsets that will turn your attitude around:

1. Jawbone Era

This headset gets top ratings from consumers and accessory reviewers alike. The attractive design, built-in accelerometer and high-quality audio put this headset at the top of any list. Use the headset with your iPhone and you will be able to see how much battery it has left, right on your screen. If there is any complaint about this headset, it is how it seats in the ear. Consider purchasing a removable ear hook to add to this headset.

2. Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

Route calls directly to your headset or phone, play and pause music and integrate with Skype, all quite easily. The headset is so intuitive that it will answer a call as soon as you pop the bud into your ear. Don’t be put off by the size of the piece; users report that the weight is balanced quite well and you’ll soon forget that you’re wearing your headset.

3. Motorola Finiti

The headset utilizes bone conduction technology and blocks out the noise of your surrounding environment, which makes it perfect for noisy car rides and days at the playground. This headset works best with Android phones that can make perfect use of the MotoSpeak app. If you have bulky fingers, you may find the tiny multi-purpose button cumbersome; be sure to try the headset out before you buy it.

4. Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd

If you plan to use your Bluetooth headset with your PC as well as your mobile device, this is the headset to get. Rather than having to pair your headset with your PC, simply plug in the bundled accessory and you’re ready to go. The headset works perfectly with applications like Skype and is wonderful for gaming. If you are looking for a Bluetooth simply for using with your phone, you may want to look elsewhere; the price of this headset can be off-putting.

5. BlueAnt Q2

The skinny headset has text-to-speech capabilities and full access to the services of Bing-411. The sound quality is absolutely bar-none, even when the conditions outside are less than optimal. Like other headsets, however, the control buttons are tiny and may be a turn-off for men or those with larger hands. This is another “try it before you buy it” headset. If you can get past the small controls, the price point of this little gem should virtually make your decision for you.

If you’ve tried Bluetooth headset in the past, only to find that you rarely use them, give them another go. As with all technology, there have been great advancements in the way Bluetooth headset are made and how they handle the ever-changing capabilities of mobile devices. Take a look at these top five Bluetooth Headset; any are sure to meet your needs.

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