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Common Epson Printer Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Finding technical solutions to computer and printer problems can be stressful. With so many brands, models, and updates, finding the right solution for your specific product is tough. This guide is designed to be a resource for common problems and issues with Epson printer.


Receive 0404 error when Faxing

Epson WorkForce 610 All-in-One Printer

Are you receiving the 0404 error on your Epson WorkForce 610 when trying to fax? An easy fix could be that your phone cable is dysfunctional and you simply need to replace it. However, if you have tried multiple cables and you are still having the problem try turning off the error correction on your machine. This can be done in a few simple steps:

– Press home button.
– Select setup and press OK.
– Select the fax settings and press OK.
– Select Communication and press OK.
– Select ECM and set it to off.
– Select V.34 and set it to off.
– Done.

Wireless set up successful, but still offline?

Epson WorkForce 630 – Macbook Some of the most frustrating problems often have easy fixes; you just have to know what to do. If your Epson WorkForce 360 is set up wirelessly but is still offline, you might just need to update the drivers and restart your computer. As with any hardware, it is important to make sure that you always have up to date drivers since updates commonly fix the previous edition’s errors.

Printing Blank Pages?

Epson CX5400 Printer

Many printers have a lot of fancy features, but if they can’t do the basic job of printing then what good are they? Unfortunately, the Epson CX5400 has a common problem of printing blank pages as a “design flaw.” Fortunately though, if you follow this guide with the right tools you can get it up and printing in no time. This is intended for the ‘repair savvy’ and is a little more advanced of a fix than most solutions. However, beats paying someone $100 to do it!

Formatting and Resetting your Printer

Epson R230x

Do you need to reset or format your epson printer ? Fortunately, the solution is easy if you follow these steps to make it a walk in the park. First you need to download the software and run it.

After you click the accept button, select the appropriate model name, port selection, and destination setting that matches your printer. Click on the maintenance tab, then clear the protection counter by resetting the counter to zero. Click OK and voila!

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