Freelance Writers : 5 Tips for Success

In order to succeed as an online freelance writer you need to have a keen eye, artistic flare and plenty of determination. There are a few tips and tricks that can make long term success as an online freelance writer much easier to achieve.

1. Curiosity and Research

Some online freelance writer are lucky enough to get long term projects that share a common theme or subject. However, web writers more often write on a number of informational topics. A strong sense of curiosity and the ability to effectively research a myriad of topics is a must for success in online writing. Time is also a factor, so it is important to devise a research strategy that is timesaving. It is also a good idea to figure out a handful of topics you are the most proficient in and target those clients.

2. Express Your Voice

Good online writing is not only informative, it is also engaging. To find success as an online freelance writer you have to incorporate a creative and entertaining voice into your informational content. There has to be some amount of creativity in your work that will entertain readers. Try to strike a balance between facts and style.

3. Visual Structure

Website content has a different visual impact than what is read in magazines or newspaper. Become adept in using headings, bullet lists and shorter paragraphs. These tricks add “scan-ability” to your work which looks more pleasing to readers skimming for specific information. Clients often have visual guidelines for work that may extend to strict paragraph word counts. Be flexible and reader-conscious in your visual structure.

4. Edit & Proofread

It can be tempting to skip the proofreading process after you’ve spent several hours writing. You have to push past that temptation and devote attention to editing your work. Common syntax and grammatical errors can be easy to miss while actively working on your piece, so go back and reread all completed pieces before you submit to clients. A successful freelance writer will have good command of grammar and enough common sense to proofread.

5. SEO

Search engine optimizing (“SEO”) is a technique that will help search engines find your work among the massive number of other websites. SEO deals with the number of times you use the keywords relevant to your article or post. Incorporate keywords in an informational and appropriate way to improve your rankings on search engines.

Determination and creativity go a long way toward success as an online freelance writer. Use fine details and a strong voice in order to stand out.

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