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What Are the Main PC Components to Consider When Build Your Own Computer

When a person decides to build their own computers rather than buy an already made personal computer, there are factors to take in to consideration. These are usually the core features required to make a desktop pc as fast as possible rather than what the assembler may deem as important.

It is important to remember these general hardware and peripherals. However, the specifications of these components will vary depending on the purpose with which your computer is being built for.  Computer components are simply hardware.

There are many reasons as to why someone would opt to build their own computer as opposed to buying. Even if you are buying a computer from a direct vendor who is offering customized PCs, it is very unlikely that you will get the specific brand you want for most of the components. The standard components that have to be considered are entwined to the use of the personal computer.

These main components include:

1. Computer Case

This component covers all the other computer components. It should be made of a material, which is not too heavy. This is to facilitate portability. It should however be made of a tough material which is waterproof and have a high melting point to support the heat produced by the core components.

2. The Central Processing Unit

This is the brain of the computer. It processes functions that range from the simplest to the most complex. In building one’s computer, this the most important component to consider. This component will determine the speed with which processes will be operated. It is important to remember that the speed cannot be upgraded.

3. Random Access Memory (RAM)

This is a memory that is attached to the motherboard of the computer. It temporarily stores and accesses data. The motherboard will determine the type of RAM required. It can be upgraded, since there are multiple slots on the motherboard.

4. Motherboard

This is also a crucial component in a computer system. This is because it houses all the other components of the computer system including the processor. When building a computer, you must choose a motherboard that accommodates the desired features. For instance some motherboards have inbuilt Wi-Fi, which is a nice additional feature to have.

5. Power Supply

A power supply distributes power to all the components on a computer system. The capacity of the power supply must be closely evaluated when building a personal computer. There are a number of online tools that will help you with this, as you need a power supply that can handle the consumption requirements of all components and a little more to allow for future upgrades.

6. Hard drive

When building a personal computer, you should consider the best hard drive to get. This is the component, which stores all the files and programs permanently. If you require a large volume of storage or programs which occupy a large space, a sufficient capacity will be required.

7. Disk drives

These can be CD drives DVD drives or even floppy drives. Due to advances in technology, floppy drives are being phased out. You can opt to install a DVD writer, which also acts to read information from the DVD.

These are the main components that you should consider when building your own personal computer (PC) but there are other accessories that can be added if the need arises.

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