Which Takes Priority? Quality Copywriting or SEO

Copy without the necessary keywords is not much use for SEO purposes, and copy that is just stuffed with keywords but with little or no quality is also about as useful as a chocolate teapot. So which is most important? The thing is that both are essential and it is important to find the right balance, but how?

Use Keywords as a Tool

I think that a lot of SEO copywriters look upon keywords as a burden, as something that adversely affects their ability to create something because it somehow limits them. I disagree.

For starters, the keywords are a prompt that let me know just what I should be writing about and a resource that I can turn to should I find myself stuck. By putting the keywords into a search engine and seeing what comes up, I should find myself presented with many ideas and suggestions on what I can write about next.

The keywords are in no way a hindrance or limiting factor to what I can create, rather they are something that are a valuable tool that can help me to create something of an even better quality than I might do otherwise. Personally, I feel there is no need to make a rule on what is more important because making the most of the keywords that you are given will automatically lead to quality copy anyway.

If you went to Aston Martin, for example, would you be given the choice between a good looking car and a fast car? Or would you get both looks and speed in a single car? Would Levis ask if you want something that looks good or something that is durable? If so many other services and products don’t make you choose on only one property that offers value, then why should we do so in SEO copywriting course?

Paying For Quality

Of course, as with the Aston Martin example above if you do want it all your own way you will have to pay for it. You wouldn’t go to a Proton car showroom and expect to pay peanuts for a top of the range sports car, so you should not expect to get both quality copy and good SEO for peanuts either.

If you do wish to pay your writers a wage with which many of us would struggle to feed ourselves with then you will probably find somebody willing to work for it. In doing so however you should be prepared to have to sacrifice an element of quality on SEO copywriting jobs, just as if you were spending as little as you can on a Proton car.

Panda Is Closing In

The thing is, and something that is great news for quality writers that deliver genuine value, is that Google and other search engines are doing all they can to make sure that the net is full of quality material.

Advanced logarithms are getting better and better at determining what equals quality and what is SPAM, and it won’t be too long before anything that is not quality will be completely and utterly useless.

If you are a writer that has been producing substandard SEO copywriting services material, or a client that has been compromising quality to save money, you might need to think about changing your approach in the future.

With the folks at Google constantly striving to make sure their search engines deliver only quality search results, the days of keyword stuffed SPAM SEO copywriting tips and  material could soon be coming to an end, and good riddance to it.

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