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If you have an Apple device, chances are you’ve looked at an app and wished you had thought of it first. Apps are the lifeblood of Apple and are created by people just like you. If you think you’ve got a great idea for an app, why not try to produce and sell it? While the current market is definitely flooded, there is always room for a new, innovative application.

1. Keep It Simple

Some of the best-selling, highest-grossing apps are those that are remarkably simple. From apps that make fart noises to those that turn your device into a flashlight, there are a myriad of apps that grow simply by word-of-mouth. While you don’t have to come up with an app that recreates a bodily noise, do try to keep your idea simple. Think of something you and your friends would have fun with or find useful.

2. Keep It Focused

You should know the market for your app before you ever attempt to have it created. Are you aiming for young men? Or perhaps you own a business and want to create an application that will serve your customers. Whatever type of app you create, you’ll have a better chance at turning a profit if you keep it focused on a particular group of people. You can expand with other apps later.

3. Keep It Cheap

Most apps sell for less than $9.99. Unless you create a highly specialized app, you’ll want to keep your price low. Think $0.99. While it may seem like a pittance, if your application catches on, you can easily make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Once you’ve created an app that sells well, it opens you up to the market and you can continue to create and sell new applications. Remember that once you get your feet wet in the app world, you’re likely to try your hand at more complex apps down the road. You won’t have to charge $0.99 forever!

4. Keep It Public

Once you’ve made your app and released it to the iTunes store, you may be disappointed if you don’t start making money quickly. Don’t have unrealistic expectations; if you don’t market yourself, you won’t make money. Consider offering free versions of your apps to customers, if you own a business, or to bloggers in the same niche.

You may want to pay to have your app reviewed by any one of the number of the application review sites on the Internet. While you’ve created an app to make money, you may have to invest money first. You can even think about advertising your app on your Facebook page and asking your friends to do the same; offering a free download drawing once you reach so many “likes”. The better skilled you are at keeping your app in the public eye, the more money you stand to make.

Almost everyone has used something, bought something, or seen something that they wished they had thought of first. These things are often ideas that are so simple they almost make you feel silly for not thinking of them. You can be the guy that designs the app that people wish they had thought of; and you can make a hefty profit doing so!

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