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Four Reasons to Use Online Video Converters

Do you ever sit down to watch a movie only to get an annoying “incompatible file format” message popping up on your screen? Whether you watch and listen to files on your desktop computer, iPad, smartphone or another device, there are almost always some issues with file formats and different media players. However, you can avoid this from now on with the use of an online video and/or audio converter.

Here are just four of the benefits this technology can provide.

1. Converters are compatible with any device

Online audio and video converters can be used with absolutely any device. This means that, no matter that brand and line of your device, whether it’s a music player, a computer or a mobile phone, anything with a media player can play files that are converted.

If you have Internet access on your device, you can also convert files right on it and save them to your library for use later on. All you have to do is simply find a format that works for your player and switch your files over.

2. Converters can change files to many formats

One of the biggest benefits of online audio and video converters is that they can work with countless different file formats. Whether you have ancient home movies or audio files that were created last week, converters can take that precious memory or information and preserve it in an entirely new (and relevant) format.

You can use a YouTube mp4 converter or change file extensions to other formats including the following:

  • • VOB
  • • FLV
  • • WMV
  • • MPEG
  • • AVCHD
  • • H.264
  • • DVR-MS
  • • M4V
  • • PPT
  • • DVD
  • • AVI
  • • MOV
  • • 3GP

3. They are fast and easy to use

With busy lives, you don’t want to be sitting around all day, waiting for one file to change formats. Online video and audio converters offer quick and simple processes that can be used by anyone.

It takes mere minutes to locate the files you want to change, make the conversion and play them. There are no complicated steps to take. Simply cut and past the names of the files you want to convert, and you’re on your way!

4. There is no need for software

All file converters that you need are hosted online, which means there’s no need to download software that could clog up your operating systems. Just go to the website, use the converter, and you’re done!

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