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Captcha Sniper Review

The Captcha Sniper is a handy tool in article marketing. It helps in making your work simpler through handling many tedious tasks that would otherwise have taken you a lot of time to accomplish. In addition to saving time, it also saves money. When you have the tool installed in the background of your computer, you can bypass the hard to read image codes known as `captchas’.

The latest version of the tool has been modified to make it compatible with several applications.  This compatibility has been made possible by the innovative technology known as decaptcher image decoding service.


The functioning of the service involves hijacking requests from the captcha solving service decaptcher, such that all captchas that it will solve you can be sent again to Captcha Sniper free of charge. In case you are involved in any serious semi-automated or automated link building and internet marketing, you will occasionally require captcha solving solutions like death by captcha or decaptcha.

These services can be rather costly at times since there are seasons when experienced persons in the field are on high demand making them unreliable. Luckily, you can invest in the software that will accomplish most of the work for you automatically. Captcha Sniper only requires one-time payment and after that all the future captcha solving services shall be accomplished free of charge and automatically.

1. Captcha Sniper and article marketing robot

The software is highly effective when used with article marketing robot. It has a simpler user interface which even tech-novice persons can apply it in various tasks like opening new accounts for article marketing and submitting articles too.  About 80% of the customers who have applied the software in the article marketing had positive feedback.

2. Captcha Sniper and Scrapebox

The compatibility of these applications can be quite a bother. They however tend to work better when used with the slow poster. This combination is mainly recommended if you are intending to use both of the tools.

This option is the best since the tool is not multi-thread and also works at slow speed.  Captcha Sniper and Scrapebox do not function on fast poster particularly if you are using multiple threads. The average customer feedback of the combination is rated at 70% since it works perfectly on the sow options.

3. Captcha Sniper and the Scrapeboard

This combination is full of uncertainties and unreliability. There are some reviewers who have had much success while others had poor performance. The designer of the application claims that the tool is Scrapeboard ready but it seems there are some improvements that are yet to be completed for the program to give perfect results to everyone with just single tap of a button. The average rating of this integration is 20%.

4. Captcha Sniper and Power Directory Submitter

This application was tested and gave compact positive results. The pair is an absolute perfect match. The only drawback with this combination is the fact that it is slow. You will need to let it run for a long time eg overnight so that you can get better results. The combination is also not multithreaded although this does not compromise efficiency of the results. 90% of customer feedbacks have positive feedback on the integration of the tools.

5. Captcha Sniper and SickSubmitter

This combination has also been rated as another success. An estimated 80% of the customer feedback and reviews have had positive results. The main drawback when using this application comes in that it is very slow.

Catcha Sniper is an important tool in the toolbox of any online business enthusiasts. Its accuracy averages about 50% and is still in its infancy period so there is still hope that the level of accuracy will be improved over time to match that offered by online services decaptcher and death by captcha.

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