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Content or Links? A Website’s SuperHero

Running a successful website takes a lot of work and dedication, especially when building content and links. Some may be confused with the choice of primary efforts to either prioritizing content or links.

Here’s something to look into so you’ll understand the importance of each.

On one hand, content is the meat of your website

Without adequate and updated content, your website is basically a ghost town. It’s what makes your website worth visiting in the first place, so there is no way that it can’t be work on in the first place. If you have other things to offer like services and such though, you wouldn’t need content as much. However, you’d still need some to let people know what the website is about in the very least.

As for links, they do a lot to search engine optimization as they spread your website around

Aside from keywords and other factors that can influence search engines to bump your website up through the results. For the visitors, the links give them ways to find what they may be looking for and even discover new content in other websites. Links help you not be isolated from other websites that may carry relevant content, which actually makes your website better. The Internet is a social environment, after all.

One is never good without the other

You may be able to become successful with just pure content, but having links can bolster your website’s overall SEO effectiveness. There should always be something to lead towards your content, and that’s where good link placement comes in. Maintaining a successful website is never about doing one big thing and ignoring the rest, but mounting the advantages bit by bit and making sure that you cover as many bases as you can.

In this case, a debate on whether one is better than the other is just silly. Such an argument is agreed upon by those who know their SEO to be non-existent. You need a lot of relevant content in your website that is regularly updated, and each bit needs a certain percentage of keywords and links to become even more effective.

Aside from SEO, good content gives the people who visit your website a good reason to keep coming back. The links give them more resources for whatever they’re looking for, and they’ll have your website to thank for if you help them get there in the first place.

In terms of priority, there really isn’t any set standard for all kinds of websites, so you’ll have to feel your way through. The cool thing about building a website is that the learning process is constant and you can always pick something up from it. You then have to use what you’ve learned and take advantage of whatever opportunities that come your way.

Content and links go both ways in helping visitors to your website in getting what they want. That’s something that’s very important for building a successful website.

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