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Evaluating Online Backup

Evaluating Online Storage hosts can be very difficult, especially since they all seem to offer the same services. However, there are several factors you should really look at to see if you are getting the best service, or a subpar one. Check all of these factors, and you should be able to easily find the best online backup service around.


What is the pricing structure, and how much are you paying? Some services charge you per gigabyte, while others charge you for a static amount of memory. The former can be cheaper, unless you are storing a lot of information. The latter makes you pay for memory you are not using, but it also puts a cap on your total memory so you don’t accidentally go over your limit.

Most people suggest a per gigabyte structure, because this allows you to infinitely scale up your online back up service. Regardless, make sure you aren’t paying too much for storage.


According to Smyck security is very important with an online backup host. You want to make sure that the host encrypts all of your data, and that they keep archived backups of your information.

The encryption ensures that even the employees cannot look at the information. You are the only one that can see the files. This also keeps hackers from getting your private files.

Data Consistency

Choosing an online backup service that has no errors with data consistency is the best. When you upload files through this service, you expect the files to be there when you need them. If an error comes along, it might wipe the entire server clean, which can erase or corrupt your files.

Make sure you choose a service that has no data errors, or has a very low chance of this occurring. You should also look for services that archive your files, as this can be used to restore them if such an error does occur.

Operating System Support

Most online backup places have support for all operating systems, but there are a few that may not support OS X or the Linux OS. It is normally best to get one that supports your OS, or a service that supports all of them. If you don’t, then you might have problems uploading your files.

Evaluating online backup services isn’t difficult, and it saves you a lot of problems. This can keep you from accidentally choosing a bad host, and it will also ensure that you get the best service possible.

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  • To protect the data, a few steps must be taken and most important the use of security applications have to be implemented to secure data. Always be diligent enough to find the best options

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