Useful Tips to Find Cheaper Internet Providers

So you’re done with paying through the nose for internet service, and are on the hunt for something better. But your search for cheaper internet providers could result in enough web sites and information to keep you comparing for weeks. That just won’t do if you want to get connected yesterday. So how can you cut through the sea of ISPs to find the one that suits your budget best? Here are eight ways to fine Cheaper Internet Providers.

1. Try Negotiating With Your Current Provider First

Internet providers want to keep your business.  There may be some leeway that they have with plans and pricing that may not be advertised.  For instance, if you are a very light user, there may be a lower tiered plan available at a better price than the plan you currently have.  It’s always a good place to start, especially if you are satisfied with your current provider’s service.

2. Find Out Exactly What Your Options Are

Generally, every address has at least two internet providers available to them (satellite and dialup internet).  You may also have DSL, cable, mobile broadband and fiber optic internet service available.  A good rule of thumb is to determine which of the delivery technologies are available to you.  Once you have that information, you can compare what the pros and cons of each technology are.

3. Forget Free

There are options out there for free internet. But most of these options mean you’ll either have to obtain your connection illegally by tapping into someone else’s unsecured network, or put up with tons of ads that will completely distract you from what you need to get done online. If convicted of stealing internet, you could be in for big fines or felony charges. And most free ISPs can remain free because they make their money from advertising they show to customers. So is it really worth it?

4. Understand Your Usage

No matter what kind of internet you’re looking for, the price you pay will largely depend on the bandwidth you use. Figuring out how much is as easy as looking at your most recent internet bill, which should have a section that displays the amount of megabytes or gigabytes you consumed in the previous month. If you want to pay less, you may have to use less.

5. Bundled Price vs. Individual Services

There are a host of internet companies out there who now offer savings in the form of bundles. This simply means that you can sign up for more than one service in addition to internet, such as a home phone plan. Although bundles often offer considerable savings, think about whether you actually need those extras. For example, you may be paying less by using your cell phone as opposed to a land line.

6. Consider Coverage

If you travel a lot on business or don’t get home until late, a provider’s coverage might be important to you. But it’s important to check the coverage areas of the providers you’re interested in. If they charge exorbitant prices to have service in their coverage area, you won’t save much money.

7. Sign Up Online

Ironically, most people needing internet service will call a company instead of checking them out online. This can caused missed opportunity in the form of savings, as many ISPs offer exclusive online-only discounts to those who sign up via their web site. And these offers are rarely mentioned when you call a company.

8. Ask Your Friends

Did your girlfriend spend half of your lunch date last week raving about her ISP? Okay, maybe she didn’t, but if you keep hearing good things about a particular ISP from the people you know, there’s a good chance that they could offer you better service for less.

9. Compare On the Web

Instead of contacting several companies to see which one has the best deal, you can often find cheaper alternatives in a lot less time by going online. There are sites where you can go and review internet providers in your area and compare them with the competition.  These resources will help you determine the internet plan that will best serve your needs to fine Cheaper Internet Providers.

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