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There is no better way of keeping track of your tasks and things to do than with a to-do list software. These software are all about keeping things as simple as possible, making it extremely easy for you to add in items to that list and helping you keep track of the things you need to do. Getting started on something like this requires extremely simple software that, while complex at the back-end, is simple for you to operate.

You can get started by looking into something like the software mentioned below:


Amongst all the things that you find out there, Orchestrate is a unique way of making your lists. Instead of simply creating a list, you can create a lot of lists under the same name. Unlike almost everything out there, this software is all about creating all the lists you’ve ever wanted and displaying them, on your screen, as per your wish. So if you are at work, you can just make it show you the work-list for the day or week, however you want it. If you are at home, you might need your personal list to show up.

Basically, you don’t need to add all your to-do things to the same list. That ensures that you won’t be in a position to disclose things, on your list, that you won’t need. Its almost like maintaining the list in a diary, without actually wasting paper. For those who are accustomed to the regular to-do lists out there, this might take a few extra seconds to get started but once you are there, no more problems!

Ta-Da List

Sometimes, a to-do list needs to be nothing more and nothing less! The Ta-Da List is exactly that – a clean and simple thing that you just don’t need to think too much about. You can add in items to your list, put them in the right order, or create multiple lists. You can also share your lists with others using the same software. That’s about it when it comes to the Ta-Da List and for most people, that’s all that is needed.


In terms of what it can do, Wallnote is just a basic to-do list software that lets you keep a track of things to do. The only difference is that you have two ways of doing this – either by putting your list on the Wallnote website and accessing it through your computer, phone or more. Alternately, you can download the software to your computer and keep that list with you on your own PC. The list has extremely basic features and does little more than give you the to-do list with the ability to add, edit and mark tasks complete.

The only advantage is that Wallnote, when downloaded onto your computer, connects with Windows Active Desktop and ensures that it pops up as soon as your computer turns on. There is also a tiny area right alongside the tasks’ list that has space for you to take down notes.

Remember the Milk

When it comes down to to-do lists, there are few software out there that have more features than pretty much anything you find on the Internet. You have tags and tabs that give you the flexibility to organize your lists while automatic reminders and repeat intervals give you greater control over your life and the software too.

Despite all the functionalities added on, it is quite simple to use with an intuitive system that doesn’t take too long to learn. Also, if you don’t want any of the special stuff, then you can also use Remember the Milk without all the fancy gadgetry. As you go along the path, you will start getting accustomed to the software and begin using it daily.

Some people cannot do without a to-do list while others need to start using one if they are to get their lives in order. When it comes to these to-do lists, it isn’t about making things “fancy” by putting them on the computer, it is also about saving paper and making the world a better place. Whatever be your reason for picking it, these to-do lists will make your life a breeze.

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  • Very Nice collection of software, I’m Really impressed by the Orchestrate, coz i run a small enterprise its definitely useful for me.

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