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How 0800 Numbers Can Help Boost Your Sales Calls

Making your business visible is only half the battle, because securing new customers, making sales and remaining accessible is tough unless you have an 0800 numbers. There are several benefits to acquiring an 0800 number for your business and we will examine the main positive aspects to help you get a sense of why this type of feature is worthy of investment.

The first benefit of 0800 numbers is that they are not tied to any particular geographic location. This means that customers will not assume that because your area code does not match theirs that you will have nothing to offer. With an 0800 number, anyone can call from across the country, regardless of where your business happens to be based. This remove the potential bias and possible barriers associated with other forms of landline contact.

This leads to other benefits associated with relocating. Because 0800 numbers are non-geographic, you can move your entire company to new premises or a new region and your long-time customers will still be able to find you using the same number as always. This kind of consistency is necessary to maintain strong relationships and secure repeat business.

Figures show that sales can increase by up to 300 per cent if you switch to an 0800 number. This is because 85 per cent of people will prefer to call a freephone number rather than having to spend money on contacting a business. While this does mean that you may have to employ more people to handle the increased number of inbound calls, the resultant sales that will be generated can help to offset the uptick in staffing costs.

A good 0800 number can be an excellent piece of advertising in its own right. If you choose a memorable combination of digits which are either innately catchy or somehow linked to your business, customers and clients will have a better recall of the number. This in turn will mean that they will find it easier to get in touch further down the line and repeat sales may not necessarily rely upon the production and dissemination of yet more marketing material.

Of course, for many companies it is more important to acquire customers the first time around. With an 0800 number, you could be more attractive than your immediate rivals. Clients might well call you first, giving you the jump over competitors. Because people will be able to make free calls to your business from any landline in the UK, you will stand out from the crowd and encourage potential customers to pick up the phone straight away without having to think about the cost of the call in the process.

As you may have gathered, 0800 numbers can also be incredibly flexible from the point of view of the business. They can be effectively directed to any phone number and call routing can then be handled internally. That means that you can pass on an 0800 number call to a mobile phone or even your landline at home if you are out of the office. Of course, with advanced routing techniques it is also possible for the provider to perform all of these tasks for you. This means there is less need to have complex in-house phone systems as the service can be tailored to suit your needs, with calls routed based on the time of day, the day of the week and a number of other factors.

It should be clear that setting up 0800 numbers for your business will have a multitude of beneficial effects, covering both operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. Sales should soar if you implement an affordable 0800 number.

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