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Top Tips for Improving a Google Adwords Account

There are few killer secrets of running a successful Google Adwords account; running an online marketing campaign essentially follows the same basic truths as offline marketing but we have a wealth of information at our disposal regarding what is working and what is not.

It is a fast-paced world of advertising that one needs to keep up with at all times to ensure that the maximum amount of profit is gained from the advertising budget spent.

The first thing one must do is be sure one actually is in control of one’s Google Adwords account.  This is not about permissions, one needs to know what every part of one’s campaign is for, and how it fits into the grand scheme of one’s advertising campaign.  This goes for each of the parts of the campaign, which should be sketched out and held in a major plan that everyone in your team is aware of.

Further to this, you should be clear about how your Adwords account is part of your overall online marketing, which can include search engine optimization and social media marketing.  An Adwords account should be central part of your marketing online.

Having said this, there is little point in continuing putting money into a part of your campaign that is not working.  It is important to first work out why this part is not working.  Is there too much competition for a term?  Is the bid amount too small?  Is the landing page in congruent with the type of customer the term is pushing to one’s site?  Where the potential customer seems to be bailing out is key to working out where the problems may be lying.  It may be more profitable to fix the broken link in the chain (for example, a poor landing page), than it is to completely throw out the part of the campaign that isn’t working.

A Google Adwords management company are an option to take if one is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work required in managing a Google Adwords account.   At the least they will be able to give you consolation on what is right and wrong about your current setup.

They will be able to rebuild your campaign to allow you to profit.  Many people will be able to see gains from using a management company, and should continue to use the company to manage the account on a week-by-week basis.

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