What the ISO 27001 Standard Means for Your Business

Bring your business in line with ISO 27001 standard today.

Why your business needs to achieve the ISO 27001 standard

Information security and confidentiality is more important to businesses now than it has ever been.  The majority of modern businesses employ information security systems to some degree, however there are differing levels of success with each of these.

Security systems can often fall short if they are designed to protect only a part of a larger realm of information.  Getting your business’ information security up to ISO 27001 standard means you can bring all of your information security together under one banner.

The ISO 27001 standard will help your business manage its information security more efficiently and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

How to achieve the ISO 27001 standard

The ISO 27001 standard states that it is the business’ managers who are accountable for maintaining the high level of compliance required at all times.  Risks to system and information security are to be identified by the responsible persons with relevant actions taken to identify what can be done to minimise these risks and threats to the business’ security.

Managers will then be responsible for the planning and execution of regular auditing processes to ensure the business is maintaining the ISO 27001 standard.

The ISO 27001 standard can be implemented in a number of different ways.  There is breathing space for businesses to put into place the ISO 27001 standard in a way which suits them.  Businesses usually have the straight choice between having one accreditation and policy which covers the whole business and auditing across their estate themselves, or making each department responsible for their own compliance to the ISO 27001 standard.

Being certified to be working at ISO 27001 standard is not an endorsement of how strong a business’ security systems are or how well they are maintained.  A certificate of performing at ISO 27001 standard is basically an acknowledgement that there is a system in place.

Then for the certificate

Once you feel your business is ready to be certified as compliant to the ISO 27001 standard, there are a number of registered bodies across the world who are licensed to certify the ISO 27001 standard.  The usual three-step auditing process used with most systems such as this is also used for rewarding an accreditation of ISO 27001.

Once the external audit team have checked the basics, such as compliance to security policies and procedures, they will carry out a detailed audit of all a business’ information security systems in line with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.  Following certification, it is the responsibility of the business to maintain compliance levels by regularly auditing themselves.

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