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5 Ingredients for a More Effective Product Upsell

Product Upsell is your way to get more additional sales from your customers. You’ll make more profits if you can upsell more effectively. Here are 5 ingredients for a more effective product upsell:

1. Offer only related and complimentary product

Your upsell product should be the product that is related with your main product. Also, the product should be complimentary. Upselling totally unrelated product will drastically lower your chance to win your customers’ favor. For example, if you’re selling video games, you can give your customers related video games titles or third-party products to use on their video games system. This is an effective upsell. If you offer your customers a coffee maker after they’re buying video games, do you think that your customers will be interested in your upsell?

2. Offer additional products as a discount

Another way to upsell effectively is to offer your products as a bundle. You will see that this is a common practice in online business. For example, one software company may decide to sell all of their software as a bundle with lower retail price. When their customers purchase one software license from them for $47, they may offer software bundle containing 5 software licenses for only $99. This will be a good deal, right? This is a good upsell strategy that you can apply for your product.

3. Offer them special bonus if they purchase a product at certain price

If you have multiple products to sell, you can use this upsell strategy. When your customers purchase your product at a certain price, for example $50, you can offer them special bonus. If your average product retail price is $27, people will be interested to buy at least two of your products in order to get the special bonus. This upsell strategy will work only if your special product is special enough for your customers (for example: exclusive, limited-edition product).

4. Follow up via email immediately after your customers purchase your product

Don’t forget to get your customers’ name and email address after they’ve purchased your product. Then, send them email immediately thanking them for their purchase. In the next day, offer your upsell product to them. They will likely still be interested to buy more products from you. If you let your customers gone after purchasing your product, you’re missing your chance for repeat business with your customers.

5. Do not force your customers or make them feel bad

When you product upsell to your customers, don’t force them to buy. Remember that upselling only means to get additional sales from your customers. If you product upsell them in a wrong way, they won’t come back to you later. It will be a turn-off for them. Remember that it is common for your customers to refuse your upsell offer. However, don’t make them feel bad with this. Treat them the same way as your regular customers. In this way, you’re keeping your business with them.

Those are some upselling strategies that you can do to promote your product more effectively. Upselling or product upsell is a great way to generate additional sales from your customers. Therefore, you need to do it more effectively to bring you the best result in Product Upsell.

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  • Promoting and selling products are not easy task your tips are quiet beneficial.I think it is useful to everyone.Thanks for sharing tips.

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