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Online Resources For Professionals to Optimize Their Work Processes

Perhaps there is no bigger concern to a working professional or a corporate organization, other than managing the work flows of the company. There is a common notion that despite various efforts, one cannot really help optimize the flow of work in the organization. However with the phenomenal advancements in the field of technology, businesses today have various options with the help of which they can easily optimize the work flows and gain a great deal out of the same.

Here we have listed the 6 apps which the professionals – individuals or organizations can utilize, in order to optimize their work processes and gain a great deal out of the same.

1. Invoicera

Invoicera is amongst the market leaders, when it comes to effective online invoicing and billing. This is a potential tool that can be utilized by any strata of the working professionals – be it freelancers, small or medium sized firms and blue chip companies.


Invoicera helps in easily tracking down the expenses and billable hours, have an option to send recurring invoices, automates the follow ups on delayed payments and also has the feature of multiple language and currency support.

2. AutoComplete


Auto complete is you teal to turn the leads and followers into customers. It is amongst the most adored applications and acts like a predictor. It carries the trust of a thousand of small businesses, when it comes to managing the leads and ensuring business out of the same.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox provides you a really easy to use way to keep in contact with your various documents, folders and videos. You can refer to the same regardless of where you are or what time is it. It facilitates mailing the documents to whosoever you wish to and helps in sharing the same amidst the team members.


Dropbox helps in saving a lot of time in viewing and sharing folders. Besides, with the help of Dropbox, one can easily access the folders and documents saved on the desktop, from any remote location.

4. Apple Mail


Think beyond Gmail. Now you have a better option of keeping a check on your emails. Gmail and other mailing services used to be time consuming and but Apple mail is loaded with features that reduces the time you have to spend on the mailing, and provides you with quick immediate results.

5. Tungle.Me

TungleMe can be compared to Google’s calendar, the only difference being that it is way much smarter. This tool allows the users to forget about varying time zones and position their times based on their availability.


The latest features included in Tungle Me involves – prevention of double bookings and providing the synopsis of the data provided through various social networks to the users. It helps in scheduling the meetings regardless of which place you are and what time is it.

6. Jing

Jing helps in speeding up the work processes when you are working with a team. It allows you to share your searches and different references with your team mates. Thus, you need not explain them the entire deal about searching, its need and various details. You can simply share them.


It takes a quick snapshot of what you have searched and share it with your team members via web, mail social networking profile etc. it a simple and cost effective method to optimize your online work processes.

For a business to grow, it is a requirement that one actively embraces the new and resourceful technology and utilize the power of the same to optimize the processes. Using the above mentioned apps, will surely help a great deal of fast tracking the workflow for you and your company.

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