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Share Files from Dropbox with your Facebook Contacts

Dropbox is one such service that the vast majority of users use to share files with friends or acquaintances, or just to have on hand certain documents and files and access them from any location and device.


This popular service cloud storage allows users to share files in a simple way, by e-mail invitations or sharing links and, to further facilitate this function, Dropbox has decided to focus in a Facebook place where more than 800 million users.

With this new feature, Dropbox will allow us to share folders and files with your contacts from Facebook and, of course, to take advantage of this functionality will have to link our Facebook account with Dropbox (via Facebook Connect).

The operation is quite simple, really, we need not perform any special configuration, just when you share a folder in the same box where you enter the email addresses of our friends, see a link in Dropbox that will indicate we can invite our Facebook contacts.

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