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Free Android GPS Apps Compared – Never Get Lost Again

Here are some Free Android GPS Apps, While our earlier explorers may have had to make use of a pool of maps, compasses, and tools to get to where they want to go, our generation is lucky enough to get the best of technology in making navigation so much easier.

The birth of GPS or the Global Positioning System has allowed us to harness the power of our space based satellites within the palm of our hands through GPS applications that are imbedded in our very own android phones. With this tool, you will never have to stop and ask for directions ever again. All you need is any of these Android GPS apps and you are good to go.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps for Android users have been setting the bar high for other GPS applications which is why it is currently the most widely used android app. Packed with features that makes navigation a breeze, Google Maps provide its users with broad satellite views that can be streamed down to include more specific street views. Top that off with their live traffic report, detailed and updated maps along with their point of interest reviews and you’ve got yourself a map that is unlike any other in the market.

Perhaps the only drawback to this tool however is the fact that it is not empowered with the memory to store the maps on the device which means that they will easily be erased whenever you lose your signal reception. It is also quite limited when it comes to multi-routing and can only display a single destination at a time but other than that, Google Maps is very user friendly and is available for free.

2. CoPilot

As the name suggests, this application is meant to act as your very own co-pilot, figuratively and literally speaking. This device is perfect for individuals who are constantly on the road as it allows you to store maps on your phone’s memory card. It is also gifted with an easily navigable interface that features multi-destination routing, voice alerts and live weather, traffic and fuel updates.

As it is packed with fresh features, installing CoPilot on your android phone comes with a one-time fee of $ 29.99 and requires that you maintain a memory SD card that has a minimum storage space of at least 2 GB.

3. Waze

If you are fond of using Twitter, then you will probably breeze through this GPS app as it successfully combines the features of Google Buzz and Twitter. Waze connects you with other “Wazers” like you who are driving near you. As such, it allows you to posts traffic situations, photos and messages that other users will find useful.

Specifically designed to target the younger market, Waze is engineered with virtual games that can make your life on the road more enjoyable. When compared to Google Maps and CoPilot, however, Waze is quite limited when it comes to accurately pinpointing locations and routes and has a restricted range of no longer than 200 miles.

With these Android GPS apps 3 choices, you will surely find one that can complement your navigation needs and maybe even add a little fun into your drive.

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