Google’s New Ranking Strategy : Social Signals

With the introduction of Google Panda, a lot changed in the world of page rankings and search engine optimization techniques that are classically used to increase page ranks by Google and other search engine. Panda, also called Farmer, changed the trend to a more positive shift.

Now, there were some pages that ranked higher than the some others with much higher score on the orthodox back links. What is it that Google Panda looks for to rank pages high and what does it mean for the classical search engine optimization open secrets and popular strategies?

Panda Changing Trends

Gone are the days when meaningless back links would get you more traffic on the internet and increase your online presence. Search engines are getting smarter and now look for more social importance of a website for ranking it high. With the Google Panda update more and more people have realized that the classical methods of search engine optimization are about to be obsolete as recently expected.

Now, the focus has to be on increasing the social presence or what Google has called “social signals” of your website in order t get it ranked high by search engines. Also Read : How to Reverse the Effects of Google’s “Panda” Update.

Why Social Signals are Important

In the light of Google Panda, it is clear that more than the unnatural search engine optimization techniques, now page ranking has to be increased through social media like Twitter or Facebook. Higher visibility on social media reflects a lot more than well developed search engine optimization techniques: it shows that the website experience is an enjoyable one or people find it important or pleasant enough to share it with their friends.

Where the classical techniques of writing good content and getting links from directories, reciprocating links and other such more artificial techniques get more traffic to your website, they do nothing to keep them visiting or even make them stay longer and explore what you offer.

The moment someone realizes that the first Google suggestion does not really have anything worth it inside, they will press that big “back” button and the website is only a failure. On the other hand, if you post something that would actually grab attention and give a good experience to its viewers it is likely to be shared and go viral on social media websites like Facebook and My Space. Now, Google has a chance to see what actually grabs attention, and by attention I mean real, human attention, not more number of clicks and ‘back’s.

Take Home Message

Google Panda has brought a new, more natural and more practical criteria of winners and losers in terms of page ranking. Now, according to the new guidelines set in the light of Google Panda make sure you post content that grabs more social attention and is getting shared by people on social media.

Stay updated, keep modifying your content, make your page funny, interesting, or immensely important and informative. Get more social signals as building meaningless back links is so obsolete now!

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