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In the past few years, mobile development has evolved tremendously.  The great news for mobile development companies and businesses searching for mobile applications is that the latest technologies are emerging at an incredible pace.  The bad news is that new and innovative solutions also put developers at a greater risk of making huge mistakes along the way.

What would have been a simple mistake back when the iPhone first came out could today present a problem large enough to jeopardize the product or even the entire business.  The following tips should help you avoid these treacherous territories and build successful mobile applications free from major mistakes.

Which Platform – Android or iOS?

The first rocky road mobile developers encounter points in two directions – one towards and Android platform and the other towards iOS. Obviously, there are pros and cons to building mobile applications on each platform and it is usually under the suggestion of the developer that businesses choose whether to run their application or game on the Android or iOS.

Mobile development companies understand the deep rooted intricacies of both platforms and more often than not know which one is best suited for the particular project.  Still, the decision to use a particular platform is one not to be overlooked or taken lightly.

Optimize for the App Store and Mobile Markets

For traditional websites, search engine optimization helps a site climb higher in Google and other search engines to increase online visibility.  In the world of mobile development, optimization is still the key to getting discovered.  Mobile development optimization works similarly to the way Google does, revolving around keyword campaigns. Mobile optimization also includes categorizing, so be sure to place your mobile app in the best category possible.

Start with a Website

You could start by jumping right into the mobile application but a developer can benefit in many ways by first building a mobile website.  You can build the site just as you would the mobile application, but this “test site” will help you understand the design, functionality and user experience without ever writing a line of code for the actual mobile application.

A mobile site also benefits the user.  While a mobile website can simply be updated to reflect new versions, mobile apps require the user to upgrade for new versions.

A Meeting of Designers and Developers

The decisions made at the design stage can determine the success or failure of a mobile application.  Always finish the design of the app before jumping into development, as this is the cardinal rule of mobile development.  In addition, make sure to collaborate between designers and developers from the beginning through to delivery and beyond.  Problems are best solved when teams work together, not separately.

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