iPhone Screen Protector : What to Be Aware of

The new lineup of iPod and iPhone cases relies on touch screens for command input. Individuals must exercise extreme caution when handling touch screens. Any slipup, and the screen can crack and even shatter. Individuals could simply add iPhone Screen Protector or a protective cover to a device, but that still leaves the screen open to scratches and breaks.

In order to continue protecting the screen, individuals need to add a screen protector to keep the device looking as brand new as it did the day they purchased it.

Types of iPhone Screen Protector

Screen protectors come in a variety of different formats, from plastic, 1mm thick screens to small, invisible film. Each attempts to reduce the scratches endured by a phone or MP3 player. Some screen protectors come pre-packed into the cases, while others need to be purchased separately. Whether you buy a plastic screen protector or a thin, film one, a protector will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages individuals need to be aware of.

For example, a plastic screen protector can withstand more scratches, but each mark will be visible on the material. Some individuals dislike a thick, chunky piece of plastic on their iPod or iPhone. Touching the screen can even feel unresponsive. Other cases, like the Shades iPod 3GS cover, include a plastic protector that does not hinder commands.

Makers of film screens tend to advertise indestructible materials that will never chip or peel. Still, some film screens leave behind a sticky residue and can even ruin the screen’s visibility. Since newer iPod and iPhone models use retina displays (higher resolution screens), throwing on a thin screen protector slightly distorts the image.

Added Protection

Regardless of the negatives, some individuals like the security that a screen protector offers. Thin, film ones protect the phone while inside of your purse or pocket. Coins, keys and even pens can leave the screen of an iPod or iPhone forever ruined. With a iPhone Screen Protector, an individual will be safeguarding the key feature of newer devices. For example, Shades iPod Touch 4G cases come with built-in screen protectors that will safeguard your investment.

Some individuals can buy thicker screen protectors for their devices, while others may be more inclined to order a thinner, film version for protection. Regardless of which you choose, these small, $5 investments can keep your new iPhone or iPod free of scratches that can diminish its resale value.

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