Missing Android Market App?

It may well be wise to be wary of where it is you are purchasing your phone from. Recently there has been some discussion from disgruntled Android users worldwide who have bought phones only to find the official

Android market app missing

In certain regions of the world it would seem that Google is not allowing the former Android Market, now Google play to be pre installed on the phone itself, forcing users to source and download alternative app stores. What follows is a break down of some of the most popular alternatives out there.

How to upgrade Android with Alternative App Stores

I myself had this problem after purchasing my phone while traveling through Cairo. I needed something quickly so picked up Sony’s x10 mini android 2.3. This was not ideal but you know how it can be when you’re traveling. I wanted to update my phone quickly with all the apps I was accustomed to.

This proved much more taxing than I’d anticipated considering I did not have the app store installed. It would definitely be my advice to any of you traveling to be absolutely sure that before you buy your phone abroad to be sure to check if the app store is pre installed. Otherwise you may find yourself in the situation I was in.

So, what do you do, if do not exercise due caution? The answer is to source an alternative app store. If you run a quick search for alternative app stores in Google you will find all sorts. There are many available.

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations but in a sense hope that you will not be forced to use them. We hope that your next purchased has everything functioning as it should. The best way to safeguard yourself against this is top thoroughly test any prospective device before purchase. Especially if purchasing in an area of the world that maybe subject to none access to the Google’s Android Market.

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