SEO Strategies for Branding your Business

It was not that long ago, having a strong online footprint was not something that brick and mortar companies regarded or even budgeted for. However, as the world has gone global and information has the distinct advantage of being able to be quickly distributed online, these companies have had to reconsider.

Ecommerce is constantly increasing, and with the online behemoth that is social media and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, the business landscape has forever changed. Even the way people are communicating with each other has forever changed. Big and small businesses cannot deny the huge impact the world wide web has had on the way that consumers shop, get information and communicate with one another.

Nielson Global Consumer Report states that in 2010, over 875 million global consumers purchased something from the net. As of July 2011, Facebook has more than 750 million active users and Twitter has over 350 million users and handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day. Approximately 500 million people use Google a day and handles about 3 billion searches a day. Word of mouth is traveling in real time and at a stealth pace.

Needless to say from a marketing perspective, the consumers are there and are searching for information, products and services. The difficult question then becomes, how to get the attention of these people but perhaps most importantly drive this relevant traffic to your site. The answer is a little thing called SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a buzzword for big and small business owners, bloggers and all others who want to develop and/or maintain their business and increase any online traffic to their site. SEO helps you get to that seemingly illusive first page on search engines.

In order to increase brand awareness, enhance brand loyalty and enter into new customer relationships, you need you website to be featured on the first two search result pages. Research shows that less than 25% of users journey past the second page of search results.

As a business owner, you may not have the time, resources or expertise to devote to researching relevant key words that will drive traffic to your site. Now you do not have to because a SEO expert can assist you. Content management, SEO link building and SEM services are some examples of what SEO experts do.

Outsourcing this task can free up time for you to concentrate on the core needs of your business. In addition, by employing an offshore employee, you can make sure your budget remains in tact. There are many out sourcing services in India and the Philippines, you have a virtual assistant India or Philippines who is able to always be in constant communication with you either by instant message, Skype and/or email. You will also find that outsourcing to countries like India and the Philippines is also very cost-effective because of the currency conversion.

It is important that you research all of the different SEO companies in order to determine which ones have a proven track record of being able to increase website rankings. This information can be found online or by word of mouth from other business colleagues who have utilized the services.

Also, since this is becoming a rather competitive business venture you may be able to find several companies that are available at very reasonable rates.

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