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Dedicated Server Hosting Solution : ServerClub

Dedicated Server hosting has a new name in Serverclub by EvoSwitch Datacenter Amsterdam, Netherlands. Designed and installed using environmentally sustainable technologies and equipped with energy-saving systems our servers reduce the costs of dedicated hosting for customers.

Their IP network is built on advanced equipments produced by Cisco Systems, USA and we strive to provide our customers undisrupted connection so that their business runs as smoothly as Server club network. Quality is our major obligation and hence Serverclub strives to provide the best server hosting hardware and network solutions for your business.

When it comes to server speed Serverclub is right there at the top. With a total uplink capacity of about 220 Gigabit per second and premium bandwidth plans with 1000 Megabit connections Serverclub’s speed should impress you at the least. They provides you to have a healthy and powerful internet connection at all times and hence our independent optical lines deliver a total bandwidth of 220 Gigabit per second and can be expanded up to 400 Gigabit per second. Each rack uplink capacity can reach up to 10 Gbps.

Now coming to what you get in addition if you register for a server with Serverclub. Free reboot panel for your servers through which you can check your bandwidth usage, invoice payments and support ticketing system. You will even know when your server is getting heated up. Let’s say reboot panel has a thermometer to give you the reading! This makes checking your server temperature easy.

Understanding that no two customers are the same we have a wide range of customer installation and bandwidth payment options just for your convenience. Super brands always ensure super products. That is why hardware components are of the leading brands like Dell  and Supermicro. Add to that their ever faithful and professional customer support team that is there for you whenever, and they mean whenever you need them. There is VPN also provided on servers for free making your server secure and safe to use.

Serverclub dedicated servers guarantee customers a backup option and alternate server in case of possible malfunctions thus making our service and your work a non-stop satisfaction.

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